The Department of Housing & Residence Education employs approximately 750 staff annually, including nearly 350 full time professional staff and over 400 student employees in a wide variety of technical, security, customer service and/or leadership positions. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a seasoned professional, the department has many career opportunities including positions in:

  • Financial Services: Resident billings, collections, financial statements, inventory, payroll and personnel, accounting, and vendor inquiries.
  • IT Services: Program installation, troubleshooting, upgrading, virus protection, network services, etc.
  • Maintenance & Building Services: Facility repairs and public area and restroom cleaning, pest control, solid waste management, etc.
  • Residence Life and Education:  residence hall and Graduate and Family Housing programming, judicial programs, administration, and area government advising.
  • Administrative Services: Undergraduate Assignments, Graduate and Family Housing Assignments, Marketing, Security, Area Desk Assistants, and more.


To provide well-maintained, community-oriented facilities where residents and staff are empowered to learn, innovate, and succeed.

Commitment to Diversity

It is the goal of Department of Housing and Residence Education to hire undergraduate, graduate and professional staff who are committed to the increasing the knowledge, experience, appreciation and respect of cultures, issues and local, regional and global communities. We strive to develop a community that facilitates interaction among students, faculty and staff representative of diverse traditions, abilities, sexual orientations religious and spiritual convictions, socio-economic status, and racial and ethnic origins. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who are committed to this ongoing development of true global understanding.

Awards & Recognitions

The Department of Housing & Residence Education strives to recognize full time and student employees for their exceptional work. Here are a few of the examples of how we identify outstanding staff:

  • Greater Gator thank you program
  • SWAMPY Safety Award
  • Staff Achievement Recognition Program (Star)
  • Semester Innovation Award
  • Service Recognition Pin

Departmental Training & Development

We are committed to continuous education and development of our team. We offer an array of opportunities to better everyone from personal wellness to business knowledge. A few examples of our training programs are:

  • Financial Wellness workshops
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Marketing Lunch & Learn
  • Maintenance Mentor Program
  • Safety & Security Programs

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