Resident Assistant / Residential College Advisor

The RA/RCA application for the 2015-2016 academic year is now available!

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Before starting your application, please view the requirements, application guidelines, and timeline below:


  1. Have lived on-campus at least one semester (including the current semester).
  2. Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University of Florida.
  3. Have a 2.5 cumulative UF GPA. In addition, have a 2.5 UF GPA in the semester prior to employment.
  4. Be able to take SDS 3480: Student Development in the University Setting (2 credit hours) in Spring 2015 if hired.
  5. Be able to return to campus early for staff training if hired.


  1. The application is online and must be submitted through this website. If you have problems with the website, please contact Nikki Steinberger at 352-392-2171 ext. 10668 or
  2. The first time that you access the application website from the Department of Housing and Residence Education website (, you must create an account. If you Gatorlink email is forwarded, you will most likely need to unforward it so that eRezlife emails will go through.
  3. After creating your account, click on My Job Profile on the left hand side of the screen. Complete and Save the Job Profile. Then, click on Job Postings on the left side of the screen. This will bring up the link to the RA/RCA Application.
  4. You are not required to have reference letters. You will provide the names and contact information for 2 references who can provide a reliable description of your abilities to perform tasks or follow-through on a job. These people may be a professor, employer, or advisor. They do not have to work at UF, but they should not be family members.  Your most recent RA provides a reference for you. You will need to include their name, email, and phone number on the application in addition to the 2 references.
  5. A resume is required for this position. It should be no longer than 1 page in length.
  6. The application must be completed electronically by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, October 13, 2014.
  7. Once you have submitted your application through the website, you will receive notification on the website that your application has been sent. If you do not receive an email from our office by October 17, 2014, please contact us immediately at 352-392-2171 ext. 10668.


September 3-October 8: Information sessions will be held in the residence areas to share information about the position, the process and to answer questions.

October 13: Applications must be received by 4pm on this date to be considered for Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 openings. Y

November 16: Interview retreats will take place on this day. You will be notified by e-mail of the options for the retreat dates, times, locations, and other details. You must commit to the entire retreat (approximately 6 hours) in order to complete the selection process.

November 24: You will be notified of your status by email.


Ready to apply? Our application is now closed

We also encourage you to check out an INFORMATIONAL SESSION happening on the days and times listed below:

September 24th @ 8pm – Hume Commons

September 25th @ 8:30pm – Mallory Library

October 2nd @ 7pm – Lakeside Commons

October 2nd @ 8pm – Murphree Commons

October 5th @ 7pm – Graham Gallery

October 6th @ 6pm – Springs Activity Room

October 8th @ 6pm – Keys Classroom

All RA applicants are required to attend our retreat and interview day on November 16th @ 1pm.

Hume East RA Staff - Fall 2013

Hume East RA Staff – Fall 2013


The Resident Assistant is an integral position within the Department of Housing and Residence Education. The RA/RCA position within the Department of Housing and Residence Education is a live-in position, which requires the RA/RCA to reside on a floor housing 25 to 65 students. The RA/RCA works under the supervision and direction of a Graduate Hall Director (GHD) or a Residence Director (RD), and a Area Coordinator (AC) and Assistant Director of Housing for Residence Life (ADH). Within his/her unit, the RA/RCA is responsible for promoting a community environment that is conducive to the personal growth and development of all residents.

Responsibilities in the position of RA/RCA are numerous, and the RA/RCA is the focal point for the day-to-day operation of his/her floor. The RA/RCA is at one time, student, business manager, peer, referral agent, friend, educational and social programmer, and disciplinarian. This diversity of roles and responsibilities is challenging and calls on the RA/RCA to develop organizational and interpersonal skills. The position of RA/RCA provides an opportunity to maximize self-development, maturity, and confidence during the college years.

RARCA Position Description

Thomas Hall RA Staff - Fall 2013

Thomas Hall RA Staff – Fall 2013


If you have any questions regarding the Resident Assistant position and selection process, please contact our office at 352-392-2171 ext. 10668 or