Security Assistant

Published: November 20th, 2012

Employment type: Undergraduate Employment.

Position description

The position of Security Assistant is a part time position intended for either undergraduate or graduate students. Security Assistants are supervised by the Housing Security Dispatcher (Senior Security Assistant). Security Assistants are members of the residence life staff.

A Security Assistant’s primary responsibility is to provide security for residents and property in and around residence halls. He / She also observes and reports suspicious activity. This primary responsibility is accomplished by completing continuous roving rounds of an assigned residence hall area. Secondary responsibilities include approaching, identifying, and documenting students not biding by university or residence hall rules and policies in the areas immediately outside the residence halls, parking lots, and when appropriate, the public areas within the residence halls.  This is to be done in a manner that does not place security staff in any physical danger whatsoever. Security Assistant’s responsibilities inside the residence halls are to support the Resident Assistant’s (RA’s) or other residence life staff in situations in the student living areas.

It is essential that Security Assistants convey a professional and service oriented attitude at all times when dealing with students, fellow staff, faculty, or members of the general public.


  1. Complete radio checks as instructed.
  2. Complete continuous roving rounds of assigned area(s)
  3. Close and lock all doors that are found unsecured. Check doors on a random basis to insure they remain locked. Any door that cannot be secured for whatever reason must be reported to the Dispatcher immediately.
  4. Check for any burned out lights that pose a safety or security concern and report this to the Dispatcher.
  5. Check for any missing or discharged fire extinguishers.
  6. Check condition of outside phones, paying close attention to the blue light emergency phones and report those that need repair to the Dispatcher.
  7. Report any property or equipment damage to the Dispatcher at once.
  8. Check all bike racks, parking lots, and swimming pools within your assigned area.
  9. Report all blocked fire lanes.
  10. Periodically check special events such as dances, parties and concerts that are happening in your assigned area.
  11. Report disturbances and/or violations of rules and regulations to the Dispatcher.  Be sure to log any incidents in your Security Log
  12. Be familiar with all University of Florida rules and regulations and those established by Department of Housing and Residence Education applying to Residents.
  13. Be very knowledgeable of security and emergency policies and procedures.
  14. Attend all scheduled meetings and training sessions.
  15. Complete other tasks as assigned.
Administrative responsibilities
  1. All staff members are expected to initiate and maintain effective communication in terms of scheduling, requests for schedule changes, and time cards. It is important for staff to develop a consistent schedule that is designed to be flexible to accommodate their academic schedule and the needs of the department. All other priorities needed to be planned around your posted work schedule, and last minute changes in most cases cannot be accommodated.
  2. Staff members will be suspended without pay for two shifts for not reporting for work and not calling beforehand to report their expected absence. Any two such occurrences in a given academic year will result in termination.  A supervisor must approve all absences. Acceptable reasons include emergencies, illness, family crisis, etc.
  3. Staff members must request in writing to change the posted schedule. If the staff member has not received approval before the date of their original shift, he/ she must still report for work at 10pm, a supervisor will then make the decision to grant or deny the request.
  4. Time Cards should be signed the first night that staff work in the pay week and hours should be projected for the week (this will help reduce pay issues due to unsigned time cards, etc. ) It is the responsibility of the Security Assistant to make sure his /her time card is correct
  5. Security Assistants are allowed a maximum of 10 minutes per hour “break time”, during which they may relax. The Security Assistant should be mobile and outside for 50 minutes of each hour, and is encouraged to take breaks outside.

Other information


The Security Assistant must be aware of and execute his/her responsibilities. The Security Assistant must be adaptable and be able to remain calm under pressure. Following procedures correctly will provide a safer housing environment. The Security Assistant must also be aware that he/she is a representative of the Department of Housing & Residence Education and is expected to act appropriately and with integrity at all times.

Security Log Sheets

Each night the Security Assistant will maintain a security log sheet. This report must contain factual observations and accounts of the events in his/her area for the shift.  Logs are often used for information and follow up of incidents by the residence hall staff. They can be used for official documentation, and may become legal documents. Therefore, it is very important that the logs are concise, accurate, and up to date during the shift. They must also remain free of additional comments or opinions. The Security Assistant is carry his/her log at all times. The log sheets are to be treated as confidential material.

Resident Assistants and Rounds

Each Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of his/her floor. The RA on call has many duties. From time to time, the RA may ask the Security Assistant (SA) to also escort him/her on interior rounds.  This is permissible, although the SA is not encouraged to spend more than 35 minutes on interior rounds.  Finally, the SA should note the name and phone number of the RA on his/her log at the beginning of every shift. This can be obtained from the area desks, and is necessary in case the Dispatcher needs to contact the RA quickly.



  1. Be physically able to do extensive walking.
  2. Be willing and able to work assigned schedule without excessive tardiness or absenteeism
  3. Be able to work effectively with the students and staff.
  4. Satisfactory completion of job orientation and training.
  5. Dress safely and appropriately, including staff shirt and closed toe shoes.
  6. Security Assistant’s work performance will be appraised on the job, Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory work performance.

Educational Requirements

  1. Is a full time student enrolled at the University of Florida.
  2. Cannot have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 or two consecutive semesters with a semester GPA below 2.0

How To Apply

The position is not currently available

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