Moving in / Checking in

Do I have to make a move in appointment time?

Is there a list of what I should pack and shouldn’t bring?
As a matter of fact IRHA http://www.housing.ufl.edu/undergrad/move-in/ and UF Housing both provide helpful lists here and you can download a printable checklist here: http://www.housing.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/CheckIn_CheckList_7_New.pdf

Are there elevators for student use?
Available in all buildings, except Murphree, Fletcher, Sledd, Thomas, Buckman, & Keys. Limited use to 1 trip and 1 person with belongings may apply due to high demand.


What is Express Checkout?
Students can utilize Express Checkout at ANY time, without signing up in advance for a time. Students simply pick up an Express Checkout Envelope at the front desk, move items out of the room, and then return the Express Checkout Envelope to the front desk.

Is there a fee for Express Checkout?
NO! There is no fee for Express Checkout! Any student may utilize Express Checkout for any reason. However, students who utilize Express Checkout waive their right to appeal any damages found in the room.

What is Traditional Checkout?
Students who choose to utilize traditional checkout MUST sign up for a time with their RA 24 hours in advance. The RA will meet the student at his/her room at the appointed time to walk through the room. Student will then be given a checkout receipt and must turn in keys at the front desk within 30 minutes.

I signed up for a Traditional Checkout, but now I want to leave earlier. What are my options?
You have two options:

1. See if you can find your RA and have a personal conversation with him or her about leaving early. If the RA is available, he/she may be able to check you out early – but it depends on the RA schedule.

2. You may utilize Express Checkout instead of Traditional Checkout, and leave at any time. RAs have very busy schedules during exam week and may not be able to check you out at a time other than the one you signed up for. You are responsible for making sure you choose a time that works for you.

I signed up for a Traditional Checkout, but it looks like I need to leave later. What do I do?
See if you can find your RA and have a personal conversation with him/her about leaving later. If the RA is available, he/she may be able to change your time. However, this is NOT guaranteed. If you miss your checkout time, or are not ready to go at the time you signed up for, you will be charged an improper checkout fee.

How much will the repairs to my _________________ cost?
It depends on the extent of the damage. After closing, Housing Professional Staff, Maintenance Staff and Building Services staff will be walking through all rooms to assess damage. The cost to repair or replace something depends on the level of damage.

How will I know if I’ve been charged for something?
You will receive email notification of a new damage charge to your ufl.edu email account. Charges will go on your student account.

How do I appeal these charges?
If you did a Traditional Checkout, you can appeal any damage charges that are assessed. Simply click on the link in the email and fill out the form. Please note, you MUST file appeals within 10 business days, so keep an eye on your email. If you think you might have some damage to your room, you may wish to use Traditional Checkout rather than Express.

If you utilized Express Checkout, you have waived your right to appeal any damage charges. This includes charges for lost keys.

I don’t have my keys to turn in now, but can get them to you within a few days. Will I still be charged?
Yes. If you do not have your keys when you check out, you will be charged for them. Each key, mailbox key or slide card has a separate charge.

Is there any way I can put my stuff in my new room in between summer and fall?
If your room assignment rolls over from Summer to Fall you may store items in your room. You will be required to do a Traditional or Express check out and turn in keys when Summer ends. You must also sign up for a Fall check-in appointment to move back into your assigned space.

Contract and Payment

Where do I pay?
Payment may be made at:

  • Any area office (check or money order only)
  • The Housing office
  • By mail

Where do I pick up my financial aid check, and when?
Financial aid checks are mailed to the student’s local address as soon as possible. The amount of time for delivery varies by lender. Most grant checks are mailed the second week of class. First time borrowers usually attend an information session before receiving their financial aid. Ask for information at the Student Financial Affairs office about direct deposit.What do I do if my financial aid check is late, or if I can’t pay my room bill?
If your financial aid check is late you need to go to Student Financial Affairs, located in Criser Hall, to inquire about the progress of your financial aid. If you cannot pay your rent you need to see Margie Wheeler, Housing Financial Counselor, as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

I haven’t been billed yet

How do I apply for rent deferment? Is there a deadline or is it automatic?
Rent deferments are NOT automatic. Students must apply for rent deferments for each term that they will be living in residence halls. To apply for a rent deferment log onto the MyHousig Portal (my.housing.ufl.edu) and select “Rent Deferment”. Select the term for which you would like to apply for a deferment and follow the prompts. Repeat this step for ALL the semesters that are currently available. Students must apply for a rent deferment prior to the date their rent is due.

I have a contract but don’t yet have a room!
If you have a completed contract you are 100% guaranteed housing! Undergraduate Assignments is currently in the process of manually assigning the remaining students who have completed contracts.

Hey I’m currently living in [hall] and I want to cancel my housing contract for the spring semester due to financial constraints. How can I go about doing this?
Only students, current and incoming, with dated documentation of a significant and unforeseen change in their circumstances that hinders them from fulfilling their obligations as outlined in their Residence Hall Contract are likely to experience a successful Financial Appeal or Application for Contract Release. For an appeal to be successful, the applicant for appeal needs to document to the satisfaction of the Appeals Committee that the reasons for the appeal cannot be addressed through transfer to different on-campus accommodations. Applicants for any appeal are encouraged to provide as much dated documentation as available to support their appeal and should understand that appeal decisions are based on not just on information provided, but also other situational information including residence hall occupancy metrics.

When a student appeals, they are required to submit the standard required documents as outlined on our website. If a student’s appeal is denied the student then has one opportunity to re-appeal. In this re-appeal the student must provide new, additional documented evidence in support of their case for appeal (the student need not submit the standard required documents a second time). If the Appeals Committee denies the student’s re-appeal, the student is no longer able to appeal.

For current students, the Application for Contract Release and General Appeal Form are available online.

The weekly deadline for consideration at each Thursday Appeals Committee Meeting is every Wednesday at 12pm (noon). Documents are time-stamped upon receipt by Main Housing Office Staff to ensure fairness to all submissions.

Cancellation of Contracts for Incoming students:

  • Contracts that begin with Summer B: $175 Advanced-Rent Payment
    1. If you cancel before May 1, and FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $100, and you will receive back $75.
    2. If you cancel after May 1, and FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $175, and you will not receive a refund.
  • Contracts that begin with 2016 Fall: $225 Advanced-Rent Payment
    1. If you cancel before May 1, and FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $125, and you will receive back $100.
    2. If you cancel after May 1, and you FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $225 and you will not receive a refund.
  • Contracts that begin with 2017 Spring: $225 Advanced-Rent Payment
    1. If you cancel before August 1, and FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $125, and you will receive back $100.
    2. If you cancel after August 1, and FIRST cancel your UF admission, the fee is $225 and you will not receive a refund.
    3. Students who cancel and are still attending UF do not receive a refund.

Campus Life

When is my Housing payment due? When does the late fee­ go into effect?
Fall rent is due July 29th. The late charge of $125 is due on payments made after July 29th.Where’s the nearest Post Office?
Off-Campus: University Station, Behind The Swamp restaurant.
On-Campus: Mailboxes Etc. and Union

Where’s a dry cleaning service?
University Plaza Dry Cleaning in University Plaza, also Rip’s Cleaners offer pick up and delivery from 10 Gainesville locations.

Where are Regional Transit System schedules available?
Bus schedules may be picked up at the Reitz Union Information Desk (lst floor).

Where’s the nearest photocopy machine?
University Copy Center (next to the Florida Bookstore).
Marston Science Library, Reitz Union, Shand’s Library

How do I buy textbooks? Where? When?
Go to class and find out what books to buy or buy the books listed at the bookstore for your class. Books can usually be found at the UF Bookstores, Florida Bookstores, University Book Store, and Goerings.

How do I make an appointment at the Infirmary?
Call 392-ll6l ext. 5 for an appointment.

How do I get a UF parking permit?
Go to Parking and Administrative Services Student Decal Office, 112 Gale Lemerand Drive, across the street from the commuter lot/Red 3 parking garage. Bring your car registration, proof of insurance, and proof of enrollment. http://parking.ufl.edu/decals/

Where can I park?
Housing residents that have under 50 credit hours are issued Red 3 Decals which entitles them to park in designated All Red parking spaces in the parking garage by Norman Hall, the parking garage on North-South Drive, the parking lot on Sorority Row, the parking lot between Graham Hall and Fraternity Row, the parking lot on Fraternity Row, and the parking lot at Lakeside Residence Facility. Those residents that have 50+ credit hours are issued Red 1 Decals which entitles them to park in any Residence Hall parking lot. http://parking.ufl.edu/parking-at-uf/parking-map/

Where and how do I get my UF student ID made?
Go to the Gator ID Office, located in the UF Welcome Center adjacent to the Reitz Union, and present photo ID. Pay $l5, have your picture made and you’re finished.

How do I do laundry in the Residence Halls?
We have how-to videos on YouTube! https://youtu.be/3l-O0et9oVY?list=PL6fE5fhsCNBGU2NWKgn-rYjFQRgr7W2C-

What is the police emergency number?
Call 392-1111

What bank should I use?
A chart is located in Directions, which was distributed during Preview. Additional copies may be picked up at the Peabody Hall Information Desk.

Where can I buy stamps?
Your Area Government Office (with an activity card).

How can I get maintenance repairs for my room?
Fill out a detailed maintenance request on-line with iService: https://login.ufl.edu/idp/Authn/UserPassword

How do I register my bicycle? Are there bike racks? Can I keep it in my room?
During the Fall UPD will be located throughout campus registering bicycles. This can also be done daily at the UPD Station, Crime Prevention Department. Bike racks are located near major buildings across campus. Bicycles may be stored in your room with roommate approval.

How do I get paint for my room?
After obtaining information about painting requirements/restrictions from the Area Office, you should make an appointment with the Office Manager to discuss the proposed changes.

How and where can I get a Florida Driver’s License?
Go to the following website to learn: http://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/dmv-drivers-license.php

How do I change or cancel my Housing contract?

How do I switch rooms with someone?

How do I find out more about Area Government? Student Government? Student organizations? Greeks?
Area Government: Contact a TAG, JAG, RYMAC, RAC, BAC, or MAC Officer for more information.
Student Government: Call 392-l655 or stop by Reitz Union room 300.
Student Organizations: Stop by the Student Activities Office Information Desk, 3rd floor of the JWRU.
Greek Organizations: Interfraternity Council 392-l305
Panhellenic Council 392-l633
National Panhellenic Council 392-5435

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, if the conditions under rule (2)P.16. Pets in the Housing Rules and Regulations are met. http://www.housing.ufl.edu/media/pages/CommunityStandards.pdf

Is Lofting allowed?
Lofting of beds is not permitted. Please see your area desk for information about bunking the beds.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?
Go to the following website: http://www.gatordining.com/mealplans

How do I change my meal plan?
Contact Gator Dining: http://www.gatordining.com/

Can I still get football tickets?
Season tickets for UF students are sold by UAA. Please call (352) 375-4683, extension 6800 for any general questions regarding student tickets.

I’m afraid to walk across campus alone at night. What can I do?
SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) provides nightly campus escorts to persons on request from 6:30 pm to 1:30 am (Sunday – Thursday) and 6:30 pm – 3:30 am (Friday and Saturday). The service is staffed by students equipped and overseen by the university police department. Contact 392-SNAP for an escort. It is recommended that you call prior to your departure time to reduce wait time.


Do I have to accept my transfer?
You will receive an email about moving to a permanent space on campus, at that time you have two options:Option 1: You will respond to the email (sent to your ufl.edu email) within 24 hours accepting the transfer to your permanent space. If you fail to respond you will be required to move to the spaced we have emailed you about.

Option 2: You will respond within 24 hours that you would like to stay in your current space until the end of the Fall semester. The space we offered you will go to the next student in line. Students who choose to stay in their current space until the end of the Fall term will get an email at a later date telling you your permanent assignment for Spring 2013. You will be required to accept that space.

How do I move to my permanent space?
We will notify you of your new home by your GatorLink email which will include the area, room, and staff who will greet you when you arrive at your new home.

Students choose various means of moving to their new space. Dollys/Carts are available for use at the area desk. Students who do not have a vehicle have utilized the following transportation resources to assist in their move: http://www.parking.ufl.edu/pages/transcommopt.asp.

The Department of Housing and Residence Education does not provide moving assistance for students moving from overflow housing. Some students also solicit help from friends, roommates, and or a club or organization they become involved with. All guests assisting must be escorted at all times.

Will my rent change?
Yes, it is possible your rental rate will change. The exception would be if you are moved to Beaty West.

If your permanent assignment has a lower rental rate, you will receive a credit to your account based on the pro-rated weekly rental rate.

If your permanent assignment has a higher rental rate, you will receive a notification to submit the balance due on the student’s account which is based on the pro-rated weekly rental rate.

The weekly rental rate is determined by the date you check-out of your Beaty East room.

How will I check out of my Overflow space?
There is one option to check-out of your room: Traditional Check-out.


  • Make an appointment with your RA to check-out. This appointment must be made 24 hours in advance and must be completed by your 72 hour moving window.
  • Your check-out must occur after you have removed all belongings from your room and are ready to leave your Beaty East Overflow space.
  • Your RA will complete your digital Room Condition Report. When you and your RA leave your room at the completion of room check-out, windows, blinds, and curtains should be closed, your lights should be off, and your door locked.
  • Within 30 minutes of completing room check-out, bring your Check-Out Receipt card to the Area Desk to complete check-out by turning in all keys and slide cards and completing a change of address card.

Please Note: Rooms with trash or items left (that do not belong to a roommate that has not left) will not be cleared for check-out. This includes shelves, carpet, rental refrigerators, posters, etc. You must properly recycle or dispose of all items and trash before checking out with your RA. Be sure to take your bike as it may be tagged for removal.

Will I be able to stay with the roommates I have in Beaty East?
We cannot guarantee you will remain with your roommate(s). Spaces that come open will be in all residential areas and of various room types: single, double, triple, apartment, quad, two room double, two room triple, or suite. http://www.housing.ufl.edu/facilities/singles/

Where do these permanent spaces/rooms come from?
Students cancel for the Spring term for one of five reasons:

    • Greek Release
    • Graduating Seniors
    • Study Abroad
    • Internships/Externships/Co-Ops
    • Dismissal from UF

We keep track of these spaces so we can then offer them to our Overflow students.

Cypress Hall FAQs

Cypress Hall FAQ Printable PDF: Cypress Hall FAQs


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Housing Portal: Try this self-help PDF first.If that does not solve your issue, please email ITHelp@housing.ufl.edu with UFID, Browser Used, and Operating System version.