Local Resources

There are numerous local resources that are available for University of Florida Students.

Gainesville Regional Airport

Phone: 352-373-0249

Alachua Crisis Center

Phone: 352-264-6785

Gainesville Regional Utilities

For gas services in select apartments in Corry or Diamond

Phone: 352-334-3434

Regional Transit System 

Gainesville Bus System

Phone: 352-334-2600


Voter Registration

Phone: 352-374-5252

Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Phone: 850-617-2000

North FL Reg. Medical Center

6500 West Newberry Road

Phone: 352-333-4000

UF Shands Hospital

1600 Southwest Archer Rd

Phone: 352-265-0111

Alachua County Library

401 East University Avenue (main library)

Phone: 352-334-3900

Alachua School Board

620 East University Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: 352-955-7300

Public Schools & School Zones

Public schools open to all children and are supported by property tax assessments. Textbooks, some supplies, and bus transportation is provided. School uniforms may need to be purchased.

  • After-School Programs are available at most elementary schools to provide supervised child care until the end of the work day for parents.
  • Magnet programs are available at some middle and high schools with curricula that require an application for admission
  • Charter Schools are organized around a specific theme, such as fine arts.
  • See below for the schools assigned to your  village. We strongly advise to call the School Board of Alachua County ( 352-955-7300) to confirm the school area assigmment.
  • For School Zone Map of Gainesville, please clik on the following link: School Zone Map

To enroll your child in school, call the school for which your village is zoned and be sure to ask:

  • When should I go to school to enroll my child?
  • What immunizations are needed for admission into school?
  • Is a medical examination required?
  • What documents or records should I bring to the school to enroll my child?
  • Should I bring my child with me?

At the time of your enrollment appointment at the school, ask about:

  • Books and the costs of books and other supplies (if any).
  • Bus transportation.
  • Starting and ending time each day.
  • School health insurance.
  • Lunches: Can my child buy lunch at school or bring a lunch from home?
  • Is my child eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch?
  • After-school care (if needed).