Move Out

Contract Cancellation Instructions

All residents are obligated to pay 60 days’ rent from the required, official notification of an intent to vacate their apartment. Simply put, in order to avoid additional rent charges, residents must provide 60 days’ notice before moving out.

Notice of Intent to Vacate (NIV)

To provide 60 days’ notification, all residents must complete an NIV through the online resident portal located here. Residents are encouraged to submit their NIV 60-75 days prior to moving out. Residents who provide less than 60 days notice before moving out will be required to pay rent beyond their move out date.

Residents are required to move out on the date they provided through the online NIV form. Once the 60 day obligation period has been reached prior to the move out date it cannot be changed. It is very important to be certain of a move out date before submitting the form.

Moving Out Early: Residents may move out before their move out date, however, they will still be obligated to pay rent through the original move out date or until the end of their rental obligation, whichever comes later.

Moving Out Late: Moving after a resident’s chosen move out date is not allowed. Residents who move out late may be required to renew their 60 day obligation in addition to other charges.

Moving Out of Your Apartment

Contact your village office for information about returning your keys, reporting apartment damages or other logistics involved with physically moving out of your apartment. More information can be found here: Graduate and Family Housing Move Out Checklist.