Corry Village Building Renovations

  • Description of the project: Full renovation including (but not limited) new electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, flooring and floor plan
    • Progress Status:
      • 288: Complete
      • 286: Complete
      • 282: Complete
      • 276: Complete
      • 277: Complete
      • 283:  Complete
      • 278: Complete
      • 284: Complete
      • 279, 280 & 285 are the only buildings so far non renovated. those buildings will  be not be renovated this year but will be in the future.

Playground Maintenance

  • Description of the project: All playground will have mulch replaced and borders repaired as needed. The toddler playground between buildings 282 and 283 will be also shorten in prevision to the sidewalk work scheduled this year. We have plans to renovate this toddler playground in the future.
  • Progress Status: Fall maintenance has been completed. Contractor will be back at the end of Springs per regular schedule.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531

Sidewalk Project

  • Description of the project: New sidewalk will be installed going  through the center of the village servicing the commons area. This sidewalk will increase accessibility while circulating inside the village.
  • Progress Status: Project has started during Spring 2015 with the installation of new sidewalk between 276, 277 and 278. We are currently in the second phase. New sidewalk between 283 and 284 ( going south) was installed on 12/04. The next phase will be focusing on the center sidewalk from 288 down to 283.

IMG_0534  IMG_0532 IMG_0536

Corry Entrance and Fence

  • Description of the project: The northeast entrance of Corry will be redesigned and the fence along village drive will be replace to match existing new black fence.
  • Progress Status: Fence has been installed and new Corry was installed as well. This project is complete.

IMG_0527 IMG_0526

Lighting-South of the Village

  • Description of the project: Volley Ball and Basked Ball lights repairs as well as installation of new lighting around soccer field
  • Progress Status: Complete.

Old transformers removal

  • Description of the project: Old transformers located on the north and middle sections of the village need to be removed—non longer in service
  • Progress Status: Project complete. The last old transformer on the south side will be removed after building 279, 280 and 285 will be renovated.

Bike Repair Station

  • Description of the project: Installation of a new bike repair station by grill area by building 278.
  • Progress Status: Complete




  • Coffee Machine was installed in the Corry Classroom.