Solar Project

  • Description of the project: Installation of solar panels on Building 300, 304 and 306. Energy savings from the project will also be used to defray the cost of the solar array.  After costs are recovered, energy savings from this project will be used to keep utility costs as low as possible for Diamond Village residents
  • Progress Status: Complete

          DSCN0332 (640x480) (2)1

Playground Maintenance

  • Description of the project: All playground will have mulch replaced and borders repaired as needed.
  • Progress Status: Fall maintenance has been completed. Contractor will be back at the end of Springs per regular schedule.


302 Playground Area

  • Description of the project: Landscape and Equipment upgrade
  • Progress Status: 95 % complete with new Sod, new playground borders and new landscape.



Upgrade Basketball Court

  • Description of the project: Upgrade and enhance basket-ball court: New Surface and retention wall
  • Progress Status: Complete


Village Improvement

Description of the projects:

  • Enhancement of parking lot areas with new paint and new signage to increase safety and security for the residents-Complete
  • SG Printing Station: Completed


Description of the projects:

  • New Community grill installed