Playground Maintenance

  • Description of the project: All playground will have mulch replaced and borders repaired as needed.
  • Progress Status: Fall maintenance has been completed. Contractor will be back at the end of Springs per regular schedule.


BBQ Grills

  • Description of the project: Installation of new BBQ grills in the community
  • Progress Status: Complete

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Gable Soffit

  • Description of the project: Installation of new soffits to protect outside of buildings
  • Progress Status: On going

IMG_1310 (640x480)


Mailbox Cover Renovation

  • Description of the project: Renovation of the covers for both mailbox areas..
  • Progress Status: South Mailbox area completed.

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Bike Repair Station

  • Description of the project: Installation of a new bike repair station by grill area on south side of Village, by 2903..
  • Progress Status: Completed



Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

  • Description of the project: renovation of apartments in building 2901 (  255, 256, 257, 346, 347, 348 & 349) including new electrical, plumbing and flooring in kitchens and bathrooms254
  •  Progress Status: On going

IMG_1298 (480x640)IMG_1299 (480x640)

Replace Handrails 2901

  • Description of the project: Handrails replacement in western and southern section of building 2901
  • Progress Status: Complete

IMG_1302 (480x640)IMG_1305 (640x480)2233


Village Improvement

  • SG Printing Station-complete