Release & Appeals

Appeals will be canceled for the week of 6-12 to 6-16. They will resume the week of 6-19.

Do not sign another lease unless you have received a formal written release from your Residence Hall Contract.

If a contract (lease) is completed in addition to a student’s Residence Hall Contract, that student then becomes legally obligated to two different contracts (leases). Having another signed contract (lease) is not grounds to be released from the Residence Hall Contract.

Should a appeal be denied, the contract holder will have one opportunity to re-appeal. If the re-appeal is denied, there will be no further option to appeal for contract release.


The information on this page pertains to residence halls covered by the Undergraduate Housing Residence Hall Contract (Residence Hall Contract). For information regarding Graduate and Family Housing (Corry, Diamond, Maguire, UVS, and Tanglewood Villages) and/or the terms of the contract pertaining to those villages, please contact If you have questions regarding Graduate and Family Housing Billing, please contact If you have any questions regarding appealing area charges (ex. area damages, etc.), please contact your area desk or Professional Area Staff.

Your Residence Hall Contract is a legal contract. If you are or will be a registered student and have completed a Residence Hall Contract, you are obligated to the terms of the Contract and must therefore appeal to be released from the Contract if you wish to have your rental obligation removed. This obligation includes the payment of late charges and cancellation charges in a timely manner.

A pending appeal does not defer your rent payment. Please make all payments by your assigned due date to avoid late charges. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your account will be made.

Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions



Only students, current and incoming, with dated documentation of a significant and unforeseen change in their circumstances that hinders them from fulfilling their obligations as outlined in their Residence Hall Contract are likely to experience a successful Financial Appeal or Application for Contract Release. For an appeal to be successful, the applicant for appeal needs to document to the satisfaction of the Appeals Committee that the reasons for the appeal cannot be addressed through transfer to different on-campus accommodations. Applicants for any appeal are encouraged to provide as much dated documentation as available to support their appeal and should understand that appeal decisions are based on not just on information provided, but also other situational information including residence hall occupancy metrics.

When a student appeals, they are required to submit the standard required documents as outlined on our website. If a student’s appeal is denied the student then has one opportunity to re-appeal. In this re-appeal the student must provide new, additional documented evidence in support of their case for appeal (the student need not submit the standard required documents a second time). If the Appeals Committee denies the student’s re-appeal, the student is no longer able to appeal.

For current students, the Application for Contract Release and General Appeal Form are available online.

The weekly deadline for consideration at each Thursday Appeals Committee Meeting is every Wednesday at 12pm (noon). Documents are time-stamped upon receipt by Main Housing Office Staff to ensure fairness to all submissions.


  • ONLINE: Students submit online for contract appeals by Logging in to
    • Select ‘Cancel Contract’ upload all documents and forms at that time. You cannot update or add to your documents once you have submitted this appeal.
    • To Update your appeal online follow these steps:
  • MAIL: Students who are appeals for other reasons may submit documents via mail to Undergraduate Appeals (Housing and Residence Education, P.O. Box 112100, Gainesville, FL 32611-2100),
  • FAX: (352) 392-6819 Attn:Undergraduate Appeals. If documentation is sent via fax, there is no guarantee that it will be received by staff on the date that it was sent.  Students receive an Appeal Documents Receipt when complete submissions are received and processed. This email notifies students of the date on which their appeal will be considered by the Appeals Committee. Appeal results are sent by 5pm each Friday.
  • IN PERSON: The Department of Housing and Residence Education is located on the southwest corner of Museum Road and 13th Street. Hours are 8am to 5pm.

Submitting documentation for an appeal does not guarantee an approved appeal. Whether or not documentation provided is sufficient to grant an appeal is at the sole discretion of the Appeals Committee regardless of the type of documentation provided. Incomplete appeal submissions will not be considered. Re-appeals lacking new documented evidence in support of a student’s reason for appeal will not be considered. New typed personal letters alone do not qualify as valid documented evidence for a re-appeal. Students must submit all appeal information in one, concise packet.

Each student is allowed one appeal and one re-appeal per type of appeal. In an effort to be fair to all of our students, the Appeals Committee’s decisions cannot be overruled and the process cannot be changed to allow for a student to appeal again once they have exhausted their appeal and re-appeal. 

Please contact with any inquiries regarding the appeals process.


Residents may also seek release from their Residence Hall Contract during the Special Release Period, if invoked by the Associate Vice President/Director of Housing. It is important to note that the availability of a Special Release Period is not promised and, if invoked, can end after any duration and without any advance notice. Students are informed about Special Release Periods via email.


If a student has an approved Medical Withdrawal from the Dean of Students Office at the University of Florida and would like to be released from their housing contract, they should submit a request for cancellation online through the Housing Management System. The student does not need to submit a housing appeal if the Dean of Students Office can supply a memo on letterhead indicating Medical Withdrawal to the Housing Accounts team. This memo may be submitted to

If you would like to request cancellation of your housing contract you do not need to submit an Application for Contract Release if you: 1) are participating in a study abroad program, internship, or work co-op, 2) are not enrolled in classes, or 3) are not attending the university. You must submit a cancellation request online through HMS. Visit , log in, and select the Cancel Contract link. Please clearly indicate your reason for canceling your housing contract. You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours of submission. Students participating in internships, study abroad programs, and work co-ops are required to submit a letter on official letterhead from their academic college. This letter should clearly state the time span for the program and that the student will be receiving credit. This letter must be signed by an individual in the academic college.

This page was last updated on 10/13/2015.