Fall Term

Congratulations on choosing to live in the heart of the Gator Nation for the FALL/SPRING TERM. The information below is exclusively for the Fall 2014 Semester. Please click on the links below for instructions.

1. Apply

September 3, 2013 Fall 2014 Housing Applications Accepted

Submit a housing application and $25 non-refundable fee as soon as possible. We use your Housing Application Date to put you in line to select your room later. Apply as soon as you’ve applied to UF – do not wait until you’re accepted to UF.

*An application is not a guarantee that you will be offered housing if admitted to UF.

2. Contract

February  2014 Fall 2014 Housing Contract offers start 

Submit your contract and $175 pre-rent payment by your due date to guarantee a housing space. If under 18, parents MUST sign Residence Hall Contract(s).

3. Room Sign Up

April/May 2014 Fall 2014 Housing Room Selection starts
August 2014 Fall 2014 Room Assignments Completed

Each year we receive approximately 12,000 housing applications for students who apply to UF and await admission. Students who are admitted, offered a contract, complete the contract by the established deadline have the opportunity to self-sect rooms during room sign up. Based off the total number of applications we categorize the room selections dates (which are based off the students application date and establish a “place in line”) to project the room availability they will have when room selection begins. These categories are:

  • Early Application Date: Students will have the largest selection of rooms available on campus.
  • Standard Application Date: Students should have the ability to self-select rooms with multiple area options.
  •  Later Application Date: Students may have limited rooms to self-select from and may be manually assigned to spaces which open from cancellations, permanent spaces, or temporary overflow housing. Students assigned to some temporary spaces will be required to move to a permanent space. Information regarding temporary assignments will be communicated only if you are assigned to a temporary space.

Application Dates

Room Sign Up Date

Room Sign Up Time




Saturday, May 17, 2014

8:30 A.M. (Early)




Saturday, May 17, 2014

10:15 A.M. (Early)




Saturday, May 17, 2014

1:30 P.M.  (Standard)




Saturday, May 17, 2014

3:15 P.M.  (Standard)




Sunday, May 18, 2014

8:30 A.M.  (Standard)




Sunday, May 18, 2014

10:15 A.M. (Standard)




Sunday, May 18, 2014

1:30 P.M.  (Standard)




Sunday, May 18, 2014

3:15 P.M.  (Standard)

*If your application date is after November 6, 2013 our staff will work to select a space for you.

Choosing a Roommate

You can also choose a roommate based on room availability. A roommate will be assigned by staff if you don’t choose one and space is available in your room.

Consider a Triple Room!

Triple rooms range in price depending on the residence hall. You can live more economically by living in a triple room. Triples can present you with the opportunity to room with TWO of your friends or to meet two new friends. There are three types of triples:

  • Permanent Triple: These rooms are for continuing students and freshmen. The rooms are designed to be triple rooms and are often much larger. Loft units with desks/wardrobes are provided. Permanent triple rooms will not be converted to double rooms and rent will not be adjusted if one person moves out.
  • Economy Triple: Approximately 200 students each fall semester self select or are assigned space in economy triple rooms. Rooms are standard air-conditioned rooms that have will remain as triples all year. Students who are looking for an affordable option or are looking for a space to live with two roommates often choose this option. Economy triple rooms will not be converted to double rooms and rent will not be adjusted if one person moves out.
  • Late Application Triples: Approximately 100 students each fall semester self select or are assigned space in late application triple rooms when space in permanent rooms is no longer available. Late application triples are standard air-conditioned rooms that have the option of being de-tripled.  If one student moves out of the room, it will automatically be converted to a double room for the remainder of the contract period. The rental rate for a double room will be assessed to the remaining students. Extra furniture cannot be removed from late application triple rooms.

4. Pay your Rent

July 2014 Fall 2014 Rent Billed (for students with assigned rooms)
July 30, 2014 Rent Due (for billed students)
October 1, 2014 Rent Due for Approved Deferred Residents

Rent is due in full prior to the beginning of each semester. You must apply for a housing deferment to use financial aid funds towards your billed rent.

5. Move In

Aug 19, 2014 Fall 2014 Halls open *Appointments Required!
Aug 25, 2014 Fall 2014 Classes Start

Fall 2015 Dates

September 2014 Fall 2015 Housing Applications Accepted
February 2015 Fall 2014 Housing Contract offers start
April/May 2015 Fall 2014 Housing Room Selection starts *based on application date
August 2015 Fall 2014 Room Assignments Completed
July 2015 Fall 2014 Rent Billed (for students with assigned rooms)
August 2015 Rent Due (for billed students)
TBA Rent Deferment Applications Due
August 18, 2015 Halls open
August 24, 2015 Classes Start
December 18, 2015 Classes/Exams End
December 29, 2015 Halls Close