Summer Term

Congratulations on choosing to live in the heart of the Gator Nation for the SUMMER TERMS. The information below is exclusively for the 2014 Summer Semesters. Please click on the links below for instructions.

1. Apply

Sept 3, 2013 2014 Summer A/C Housing Applications Accepted
Sept 3, 2012 2014 Summer B Housing Applications Accepted

Submit a housing application and $25 non-refundable fee as soon as possible. We use your Housing Application Date to put you in line to select your room later. Apply as soon as you’ve applied to UF – do not wait until you’re accepted to UF. *An application is not a guarantee that you will be offered housing if admitted to UF.

2. Contract*

Mar  2014 2014 Summer A/C Housing Contract offers start for Current Residents
Feb  2014 2014 Summer B & FALL/SPRING Housing Contract offers start Incoming Students

Submit your contract and $175 pre-rent payment by your due date to guarantee a housing space. If under 18, parents MUST sign Residence Hall Contract(s).

*IF YOU WANT SUMMER AND FALL HOUSING, SUMMER B STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT BOTH A SUMMER B CONTRACT AND A FALL/SPRING CONTRACT. You are only guaranteed campus housing if you have a contract for each term(s). Summer B students are assigned manually and do no self select rooms. Please update your preferences. Preferences are not guaranteed as space is limited.

3. Room Sign Up

March  2014 2014 Summer A/C Room Assignments Start
May 09, 2014 2014 Summer A/C Room Assignments Completed
June 2014 2014 Summer B Room Assignments Completed

Rooms and roommates are manually assigned for Summer terms. Please remember to fill out your preferences in your Housing Contract.

4. Pay your Rent

April  2014 2014 Summer A/C Rent Billed (for students with assigned rooms)
April 16, 2014 2014 Summer A/C Rent Due (for billed students)
May 2014 2014 Summer B Rent Billed (for students with assigned rooms)
May 28, 2014 2014 Summer B Rent Due (for billed students)
May 28, 2014 2014 Summer A/C Rent Due (for students with approved deferment)
July 16, 2014 2014 Summer B Rent Due (for students with approved deferment)

5. Move In

May 8, 2014 2014 Summer A/C Halls open
May 12, 2014 2014 Summer A/C Classes Start
June 25, 2014 2014 Summer B Halls open
June 30, 2014 2014 Summer B Classes Start

Summer 2015 Dates

August 2014 Housing Applications Accepted for Summer 2014
February 2015 Housing Contract offers start for Summer B 2014 (Incoming Freshman)
March 2015 Housing Contracts offered to Current Residents (for Summer A, B, & C)
March 2015 Room Selection for Current Residents (for Summer A/C)
April-June 2015 Manual Room Assignments are completed for all other students (A, B, & C Summer Semesters)
Rent Billed for Summer A
Rent Deferment Applications Due
April 2015 Rent Due for Summer A (for billed students)
May 7, 2015 Summer A/C Halls Open
May 11, 2015 Summer A/C Classes Start
Rent Billed for Summer B
Rent Deferment Applications Due
May TBA  2015 Rent Due for Summer B (for billed students)
June 20, 2015 Halls Close
June 24, 2015 Summer B Halls Open
June 29, 2015 Summer B Classes Start
August 8, 2015 Halls Close for Summer B/C