Payments may be paid when contract is completed online with debit or credit card. An option to remit payment later is also available, instructions are located on the contract screen within HMS. Contracts are not complete until payment is made. If a student is under 18 years of age, the parent/guardian must also agree to the terms and conditions in order for the contract to be complete. Remember that all payments are applied to the oldest charges on your MyUFL account.

Housing Advance Rent Payment

The Housing advance rent payment ($225 for Summer B 2017 – $225 for Fall/Spring 2017/2018) is required to complete the Housing Contract, and can be submitted after you complete the online portion of the contract.  The advance rent payment must be received by your due date to complete your contract or you may not receive campus housing. If you send your payment in after your due date and it is accepted, your Housing Application Date will be changed to the date your contract is received. This will affect your room selection date. Postmark is not accepted.

The advance rent payment is $225 for contracts starting with the Summer B 2017 term. The advance rent payment is $225 for contracts starting with the Fall 2017 and/or Spring 2018 terms.

Advance rent payments can be deferred only for Summer B AIM Program students, and Fall Students Florida Prepaid College Program Housing Plan.

To pay your advance rent payment, please:

  • Visit
  • Click the “Pay Now” button under the Awaiting Payments section
  • Follow other on screen prompts

Housing Rent Payments

Students are responsible for paying rent by the due date or securing a rent deferment prior to the rent due date to avoid any late charges. Due dates are emailed to students Gatorlink email addresses. Housing deferments are not given automatically and must be applied for on the Housing Portal for each contract period.

Ways to Pay at UF:

Online at

*It is important to review your charges due on MyUFL prior to making any online payment. If you have any outstanding charges that are due on MyUFL prior to the advance rent payment due date, those charges will be paid first. If you do not pay the total balance due to include your advance rent payment, your contract will NOT be complete until that balance is paid. Payment can be made in person at the main housing office if you wish to only pay the advance rent payment due.

DO NOT press your web browser’s BACK button or you may have to wait 1 business day before attempting your application again.

Disable any popup blockers because the payment page will open in a new page. You will not be able to view the payment page if you do not do this.

Wait up to 48 business hours before trying to submit a payment if you receive the error message “Trying to determine if your payment has been processed…”

  1. Log into myUFL Portal with your Gatorlink information
  2. Please wait 2 hours and try again if you see “Information could not download from admissions.”
  3. Click on ‘Main Menu’ on the tool bar
  4. Select ‘My Campus Finances’ on the drop down ‘Main Menu’
  5. Select “Charges Due”
  6. It may take up to 48 hours for a charge to appear
  7. Select “Make A Payment”
  8. Select Electronic Check or Credit Card

Credit Cards:
UF accepts cards with the VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express logos (2.6% service charge will apply)

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
EFT or electronic check payments require your account Routing # and Checking Account # (no service charge)

In person at the Main Housing Office

The Main Housing Office is on the corner of SW 13th and Museum Rd in Gainesville, FL
All payments must be received in the office by 3:30 on your due date.Payments received after this time will be considered late. Postmark is not accepted.

Via Mail

*Your envelope must be delivered to the Main Housing Office on or before your due date. Please do not send cash.

  1. Print the contract confirmation email
  2. Add your student’s name and UFID number to the $175*/ $200** advance rent payment(s) check or money order
  3. Insert items into a sealed envelope
  4. Send the envelope to:

Attn. Housing Accounts
University Housing Office
Corner of SW 13th Street and Museum Road
PO BOX 112100
Gainesville, FL 32611-2100

Returned Payments

If a check or e-check payment posted to your account is returned by your financial Institution because of insufficient funds or a closed account, the returned payment, along with a service charge ranging from $25.00 to $40.00 (assessed depending on the face value of the returned payment) will be charged to your account. You will receive an email notice regarding the returned payment. The e-mail will include instructions for clearing the returned payment. A $10.00 service fee will be charged if the account and/or ACH routing numbers for the e-checks are inaccurate. Returned payments and service charge must be paid by money order or cashier’s check

Need Help:

GatorLink: UF Computing Helpdesk  352-392-HELP (4357)
Assignments and Contracts:  Submit an e-mail with your name and UFID number to
Housing Portal: Try this self-help PDF first.  If that does not solve your issue, please email with UFID, Browser Used, and Operating System version.