Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan

The Florida Prepaid Program is a college savings program administered for interested Florida residents by the Florida Prepaid College Board. Family members must signup for the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan .

All Florida Prepaid students MUST notify Housing of their enrollment in the Dormitory Plan prior to the first day of check-in.

There may be additional charges if a Florida Prepaid Dormitory Student selects any hall or room type other than a traditional room.

Policies for All Prepaid Dormitory Plan Residents

Summer Housing

  • At this time, Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan cannot be used to pay Summer A and/or B campus housing costs at the University of Florida. 
  • Innovation Academy Housing – Since students in the Innovation Academy program are required to be here for Summer C (A & B), Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan funds can be used to pay Summer C rent. In order to do this, students must contact the Florida Prepaid College Board and request that their funds be used to pay Summer C housing.


What Prepaid Covers

  • The Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan will pay the cost of a traditional, air-conditioned, double room (a room occupied by 2 students and a floor bathroom).
  • Students assigned to higher priced rooms are responsible for paying any cost differences.
  • Students enrolled in Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan are personally responsible for all charges, proration’s, and other policies outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall Contract.

Residence Halls with Traditional Air-Conditioned Double Rooms

Broward East/North Fletcher Graham Jennings
Mallory Rawlings Reid Riker Simpson
Sledd Tolbert Trusler Weaver Yulee

NOTE: Listed residence halls also have other room types that are not fully covered by the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan.


Students who decide not to attend the University of Florida are required to cancel their Residence Hall Contract(s) and must also notify the Florida Prepaid College Board.

Additional Information

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

The first 764 incoming students with the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan with Housing Application Dates on/before March 1 are guaranteed assignment to a traditional air-conditioned double room (not to a specific building). After the first 764 incoming students or March 1st date is reached, which ever comes 1st, students may be offered a housing contract, but are not guaranteed a particular room type.

Incoming students with the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan should select the “Florida Prepaid” option on the housing application and housing contract.

Florida Prepaid students should complete the housing contract as soon as possible so that Housing and Residence Education can verify Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan enrollment. All housing contracts must be completed by the due date to guarantee a space in campus housing.

If the student has not previously completed a housing contract with another state university in Florida, Florida Prepaid will be billed for the student’s Fall/Spring contract advance rent payment after completion of the onliine portion of the contract.

Current Residents

Current residents with additional semesters of credit in the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan must complete all deadlines related to the Continuing Student Room Signup process. All re-contracting requests may not be able to be accommodated due to high demand.

Off-Campus Students

Students living off-campus with additional semesters of credit in the Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan must apply for campus housing. All requests may not be able to be accommodated for due to high demand. The University of Florida Department of Housing and Residence Education is not able to bill Florida Prepaid for off campus housing accommodations or fraternity and sorority housing charges.