Room Transfers

It is normal to experience difficulties adjusting to living with someone you don’t know. Make all efforts to communicate with your roommate, seek assistance from your resident assistant (R.A.), and work out any conflicts through compromise and communication. After these attempts have been made, you can go through the process mentioned above to attempt a room transfer.

There are two ways to do a room transfer (1) mutual swap or (2) transfer request, and these are outlined below. Room transfer requests can be submitted on the myHousing portal starting on the first day the residence halls open for a semester and are based on the principle of first-come, first-serve. Due to lack of vacancies and priority transfers for students in late application triple rooms, sometimes students are not offered transfers during Fall Semester. They may put in a new transfer request upon arrival in the Spring.

Each semester there will be Transfer/Swap Freezes in which residents will not be able to move through either process. Freezes occur traditionally around the beginning of each semester, midterms, and finals. The freezes occur to support the academic mission of the university so students can focus on academics and not moving to a new location which could disrupt their own academic achievements and the communities in which they live in.


  1. Identify a Person you’d like to Swap with who has the same contract as you (Fall/Spring or Spring/Summer).
  • You may choose to use SWAMP SWAP our Facebook Application to identify a swap or post you room to swap
  • Transfers to Late Application Triples, Hume Honors*, Innovation Academy*, and Overflow spaces will NOT be Approved  *some may be approved but only within specific areas
  1. Make an Appointment or WALK IN at the main housing office to meet with an Assignments Assistant ( Mon-Friday 8am-5pm) AFTER January 2, 2015. The Main Housing Office is located at the corner of 13th and Museum next to Beaty Towers.

Assignments Staff will approve or deny your mutual swap request based on the location and information provided Mutual swaps or transfers are not guaranteed

If the Mutual swap is approved:

  1. Receive your approved paperwork and proceed to your new residential area desk to complete the transfer paperwork.
  1. Example #1: You live in Yulee and you are approved to mutually swap to Lakeside. You will take your printed confirmation to Lakeside to start the transfer process
  2. Example #2: You live in Springs and you are approved to mutually swap to Murphree. You will take your printed confirmation to Murphree to start the transfer process
  1. Check out properly from your current area and move into your new area
  • You must do a traditional check out with your Resident Assistant
  • No moving assistance is provided by the Department of Housing and Residence Education


Transfer availability is extremely limited.

  1. Enter the housing portal
  2. Select “Room Transfer” and follow the prompts
  3. When space opens we will contact you by UF email in submission order
    • You must respond to the offer within 24hrs of the email time stamp, no exceptions
    • If you deny three transfers you will be removed from the system and will not be offered another transfer


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