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UF Fall / Spring and Innovation Academy students have the option to select their own rooms and roommate on the MyHousing Portal if they have a completed Housing Contract and submit their pre-rent payment. Room selection is based on the student housing application date (the date you submitted your UF housing application and $25 non-refundable housing application fee). Students do not have to select their own room, and can wait to be manually assigned by the UF Housing Assignments team. However, note that preferences are not guaranteed if you wait to be manually assigned.

Students can change rooms and look for rooms as many times as they like until room sign-up for the contract period is closed. Students with a completed housing contract and pre-rent payment are GUARANTEED a space provided for the contract period by UF Housing. Our office will notify students if availability becomes limited and we begin to manually assign students to rooms. Also view the UF Housing Facebook and Twitter pages for rooms becoming available due to cancellations.

Please see each term for specific dates and details:

How to Sign-Up for a Room:

TIP: DO NOT press your web browser’s BACK button while selecting your room.

  1. Log in to MyHousing using your GatorLink username and password and select the “Room Sign up” link on the left.
  2. Click on “Find Rooms” to search for available rooms
  3. Search for rooms based on the Area/Hall and the number of available spaces. Remember to find rooms with enough space for you and your preferred roommate.
  4. Click on a room to see what spaces are available.
  5. Click “Assign me here if available” and you will receive an email confirming your assignment. If the space is no longer available, you will not receive an email.

For more information, please visit our Room Sign Up Instructions.

How to Sign-Up with a Roommate:

Your preferred roommate(s) must have a completed housing contract for the same Academic term(s) and not yet be assigned in order for you to add them as a roommate.  You and your preferred roommate(s) may have different room selection dates, so the person with the earliest room selection date will be responsible for holding a vacant space or spaces within the selected room. You can hold a space for another student even if they cannot participate in online room sign up. We also have a YouTube video explaining this process here.

Follow these three (3) steps to secure a space in your room for a roommate or roommates.

  1. If there are spaces available in your assigned room, type your roommate’s UFID in the box next to the vacant space and select the “PLACE HOLD” button.  This will hold the space for 24 HOURS.  Do this for each of your desired roommates.  *Holds can only be placed for students who have a completed Fall/Spring Housing contract.*
  2. Your roommate(s) will receive an automatic email once you place a space on hold.  The email will instruct them to log onto myHousing, select the MY ROOM link and accept the space being held for them.  ROOMMATE(S) MUST ACCEPT HELD SPACES WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE HOLD IS PLACED.
  3. Once your roommate accepts the held space, they will receive an email confirming their assignment to the room.
  •  You and your roommates may review your room assignment and roommate contact information by selecting the MY HOUSING or MY ROOM link.
  • If you and your roommates would like to move to a different room on campus, you must repeat the steps above for your new room.
  • If any of the roommates assigned to the room would like to leave the room and select a different room assignment, they will need to wait until their room sign up date and time begins to search for a different space.


If you choose a room and you do not have a roommate, your room assignment may be changed. A student will only be consolidated if there is the same room type available in the same building. For instance, if there are two double room in Jennings Hall with only one person assigned in each, housing staff will re-assign one of the students to maximize the use of space. Consolidation will take place after online room sign up and if your space is consolidated we will send you an email to let you know.

Triple Rooms

Triple rooms range in price depending on the residence hall. You can live more economically by living in a triple room. Triples can present you with the opportunity to room with TWO of your friends or to meet two new friends. There are three types of triples:

  • Permanent Triple: These rooms are for continuing students and freshmen. The rooms are designed to be triple rooms and are often much larger. Loft units with desks/wardrobes are provided. Permanent triple rooms will not be converted to double rooms and rent will not be adjusted if one person moves out.
  • Economy Triple: Approximately 200 students each fall semester self select or are assigned space in economy triple rooms. Rooms are standard air-conditioned rooms that have will remain as triples all year. Students who are looking for an affordable option or are looking for a space to live with two roommates often choose this option. Economy triple rooms will not be converted to double rooms and rent will not be adjusted if one person moves out.
  • Late Application Triples: Approximately 100 students each fall semester self select or are assigned space in late application triple rooms when space in permanent rooms is no longer available. Late application triples are standard air-conditioned rooms that have the option of being de-tripled.  If one student moves out of the room, it will automatically be converted to a double room for the remainder of the contract period. The rental rate for a double room will be assessed to the remaining students. Extra furniture cannot be removed from late application triple rooms.

Need Help:

GatorLink: UF Computing Helpdesk  352-392-HELP (4357)
General Assignments:  Submit an e-mail with your name and UFID number to
Housing Portal: Try this self-help PDF first.  If that does not solve your issue, please email with UFID, Browser Used, and Operating System version.

Our main office (352)392-2171 is available for assistance Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
You can also send messages on