Building Selection, Preferences & Placement

Building Selection

All students who applied on or before November 28, 2015 will be able to select their own room. Building selection for Fall/Spring contract students will begin on May 21, 2016 and building selection for Summer B will begin on May 10, 2016

Building Selection Appointment

You will receive an email when Building Selection appointment information is available. To view your appointment time please log onto HMS with your Gatorlink username and password. Once logged in hover over “Contract” then select “Building Selection” and your appointment time will be listed on the page.


Selecting Your Building/Room Type

On the building selection screen you will see your roommate group information (if any) and search/filter options. Students can search by a specific building and room type. Our system will automatically look for available spaces based on the number of students in a roommate group. Once you find a building and room type you would like to choose, click on the blue “Select” button under the action column. Once you have selected your option a green confirmation bar will appear on the top of the page notifying you that your selection is complete.

You can change your selection as many times as you would like while building selection is open. Please keep in mind that this is a live process so once you select a new space your previous space will become available for other students to choose. Single rooms will not be available to incoming students as these spaces have been selected by current students. Students will be able to add themselves to a room type waitlist if a specific space is not available. Students must select a space to be able to place themselves on the waitlist. The waitlist will be available on the bottom of the Building Selection page or Room Transfer Request page. Room waitlist request are for individual students and roommates will not be kept together when a transfer offer is made and accepted. Students will receive an email if a space becomes available. They will need to accept or decline the space. Declining the space or failure to respond will result in removal from the room type waitlist.

Building Selection Downloadable PDF

Building selection appointments are based on application date. The first group of students to select are those who applied on or before 9/24/15. The second group to access the system will have application dates between 9/25/15 and 10/7/15. These charts show the application dates that apply to each building selection appointment.

Fall 2016 Building Selection Appointment Times

Date & Time

Application dates before

05/21/2016 09:00AM


05/21/2016 09:30AM


05/21/2016 10:00AM


05/21/2016 10:30AM


05/21/2016 11:00AM


05/21/2016 11:30AM


05/21/2016 12:00PM


05/21/2016 12:30PM


05/21/2016 01:30PM


05/21/2016 02:00PM


05/21/2016 02:30PM


Summer B 2016 Building Selection Appointment Times

Date & Time

Application dates before

05/10/2016 09:00AM


05/10/2016 09:30AM


05/10/2016 10:00AM


05/10/2016 10:30AM


05/10/2016 11:00AM


05/10/2016 11:30AM


LLC Preferences

In order to live in one of our Living and Learning Communities, students will need to input a selection as one of their preferences, in order to be eligible to live there.

There are some Living Learning Communities that have requirements for certain majors, and students will need to be entering UF with that major in order to pick that LLC to be eligible for that specific building. Being eligible for a Living Learning Community does not guarantee placement, as it does depend on availability.

More information on LLC’s can be found on our website here:, or an email can be sent to

Roommate Preferences

Roommate Preferences are for creating roommate groups of 2 and up to 6 people. If a student has a friend, or a few, they can connect with each other prior to selection and create roommate groups. Roommate groups match students together for the purposes of building selection.

To complete a Roommate Preference, students will log onto: with their Gatorlink Username and password. Hover over the “Contract” Menu, and select “Building Preferences” from the list. On this page students will need to select their correct contract term from the drop down menu. After doing this the student will be able to add the Gatorlink Username (NOT UFID) of the student(s) that they would prefer to live with.

Any persons in a roommate group has the ability to alter the assignment until the roommate group is either broken, or a contract is cancelled. This means that only one member of a roommate group needs to assign preferences or participate in building selection. If someone in the group changes their assignment, it will change that assignment for all members of the group.

Priority for building selection is based on the student with the earlier application date, and they will be able pull their roommate group into an assignment. Because of this, it is recommended that one student in the group is chosen to select for the entire group. If this “group leader” selects a space for the group and one student decides they no longer wants that space, they can elect to remove the housing assignment. By removing the housing assignment they remove themselves from the space and the roommate group. Once a student leaves a roommate group, their priority of placement will once again be based on their housing application date, and not the earliest housing application date of a group member.

Only students with like housing contracts can create a roommate group. For example, a student with a fall/spring housing contract must make roommate groups with student(s) who also have a fall/spring housing contract.