Room Selection & Placement

Current UF Students

Current students with a completed single student housing contract for the 2015-2016 academic year will be able to select their own room. Based upon the following tentative schedule:

Fall 2015 Room Selection

On Campus Students

February 2               Same Room Sign Up (Cannot pull in roommates)
February 3               Displaced Students
February 4               Graduate Students & Students with more than 90 credit hours
February 5               Student with more than 60 credit hours
February 6               All other students

Off Campus Students

February 9                All off campus students


Summer 2015 Room Selection

*To Be Determined


Incoming UF Students

Many incoming students will be able to select their building, room type and, if space is available, pull in a preferred roommate. Students with later application dates may be assigned by our housing staff according to space availability and each student’s preferences. The latest housing applicants may not receive a housing application until 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester. Below is the tentative schedule for incoming student room selection and placement.

Fall 2015 Room Selection

May 16, 2015

Summer B 2015 Room Selection

May 23, 2015