The Department of Housing and Residence Education (DOHRE) is excited to look ahead towards 2019/20! This look ahead includes the Graduate level position recruitment and hire experience.

Graduate level positions within Housing will provide a comprehensive experience towards enhancing skills such as decision-making, communication, management, administrative, and interacting with others in a team/individual. These transferable skills will allow you to increase your marketability as a candidate for future professional endeavors.

Graduate level positions will include Community Coordinator (live-in residence hall position, formally known as Graduate Hall Director) and Housing Graduate Staff (live-on campus position with specialized areas of responsibility).

Application through Careers at UF will go live in December 2018 with first review for interview deadline on 2/26/19

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Yes, please do apply so that you meet the priority deadline. You do not need to have proof of admission until you begin the graduate staff position.
Housing graduate staff position postings will be available on the Careers at UF website (opening in December 2018) through the University of Florida (, search using the student ast category).
Yes, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and you must apply to a graduate program at the University of Florida to be considered (the academic application does not need to be completed prior to the employment application).
Yes! You may apply for both positions. You will be considered for the positions to which you applied. Make note that you will only be offered one Graduate Staff position should you be offered employment. You will not be offered both.
If you are invited for an on-campus visit, it is strongly recommended that you come to campus. If for some reason you cannot make one of the campus visit/interview sessions you should notify us immediately to arrange a phone interview.
It is recommended that you fly into Gainesville Airport (GNV) for convenience. If that is not possible, please contact
Yes! We can make arrangements to pick you up at any of the Gainesville (GNV) airport. Please let us know in advance if you will need transportation to and from the airport.
No, travel will not be reimbursed. If you fly in, your transportation to and from the airport is covered by our department. In addition, housing is provided at no cost if you choose to take advantage of one of our two housing options (see next question). Note: Some academic departments offer travel reimbursements to students who are highly recruited. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to schedule your visit with your academic department around the dates of the interview with Housing (either before or after).
We offer two options for lodging at no cost. First, you may stay in a guest room, which is a room located within a UF residence hall. Second, you may stay with a current student staff member in his or her graduate apartment. We will search diligently for one of these two locations for you if you are interested, however we cannot guarantee these options will be available. Feel free to make your own arrangements to stay in a hotel or with friends. We can provide a list of hotels in Gainesville for your convenience.
By mid-April, the initial offers will be communicated. Conditional offers may be made before this date and offers may be made as needed after mid-April.
The Housing Graduate positions do not provide a tuition waiver (does provide on-campus housing which can be an $10,000 +/- value).
Out-of-state graduate staff may be provided in their 1st year of employment, a waiver for a % of their out of state fees. Pending available funds. This is not guaranteed and we often do not know if funds are available until the semester begins.
A scholarship for in-state tuition is available for those applying to the Student Personnel in Higher Education program; please contact for more information about this opportunity.
No it does not. Select Graduate Assistantships (GAs) at the University of Florida are eligible to receive health insurance through their academic department. The graduate staff positions within the Department of Housing and Residence Education are classified as OPS student assistants for employment/job purposes; they perform work for our department and receive a compensation package which also includes live-in benefits. Graduate students may inquire with the Student Health Care Center about available options for individual purchase.