What is a Resident Assistant?

Resident advisers demonstrate great leadership skills, compassion, and are trained to solve the problems of a diverse group of students. The job of an RA can include anything that a group of young adults needs during their first experience in the real world.

Overall, your RA should be a person you can turn to, someone you can trust. If an RA cannot solve a problem or feel that more help is needed, they will direct you to the right campus support center where help is available.
The job of an RA is not all about solving conflicts. They are also there to ensure you are having fun, relieving stress in healthy ways, and simply enjoying college life.

What does your Resident Assistant Do?

Your RA is one of the first students you will come in contact with on move-in day. Their experience on campus can provide you with peace of mind. Our students apply to be RAs and go through extensive interviews and training to ensure that they are prepared to handle most situations that will come up.

Typically, your RA is in charge of your floor or section. They will live on your floor and are available in shifts to aid students with a variety of concerns and build a sense of community. If your RA is unavailable for an urgent matter, a Graduate Community Coordinator and other professional staff is there.