UF Housing is composting paper towels!

The UF paper towel composting program was expanded to Housing restroom facilities in 2018!

Did you know that 1 ton of paper towels use 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water?

Custodians will collect paper towels from the restrooms in this building separately from other waste. UF uses an estimated 250 tons of paper towels per year that equals 4250 trees and 5 million gallons of water! As part of the University’s commitment to diverting wastes from landfills, UF combines the towels with food waste, and it breaks down to compost.  UF combines the used paper towels with food waste and it is composted as part of the University’s commitment to diverting wastes from landfills.  Instead of waste, the paper towel is turned into a rich soil amendment that is used in landscaping and gardens. In a landfill, the paper towels break down very slowly, potentially releasing methane during decomposition (methane is 25 times more harmful greenhouse gas than CO2).

To ensure success, we need your help.  Where you see labels for “Paper Towels Only,” PLEASE do not put anything other than brown paper towels in the containers. Contamination can ruin a whole load of compost. Use trash cans for anything that is not a brown paper towel.

With your support, we can help prevent the 71,150 pounds of paper towels generated by UF Housing each year from going to the landfill.

Please go to: www.facilitiesservices.ufl.edu/departments/resource-management/recycling/recycling-guide/paper-towels/  for direct information.


Contact Dale Morris (damorris@ufl.edu) Facilities Services Recycling & Solid Waste Manager with any questions or concerns.