All About EDA 4930: Choices in Leadership and Scholarship

Diverse perspectives in Leadership

This course is specifically for Graham Area and Tolbert Area students, including LLC students. The course will give you the connections to resources that you need to get involved with and to succeed academically at The University of Florida. The course was designed using input the Leader/Scholar class provided by survey and focus groups and the University of Florida Enhancing the Undergraduate Experience guidelines.


Students who in engage in the Diverse Perspectives in Leadership course will be able to:

  • Identify at least three multi-cultural campus or community resources that enhance or support the academic and co-curricular experiences of students at UF
  • Define and identify implicit bias
  • Describe emotional intelligence and how it applies to leadership
  • Define intersectionality
  • Demonstrate two mindfulness techniques
  • Describe one historical social justice movement that occurred at UF
  • Define a crucial conversation


Transformational Leadership

This course is specifically for Graham Area and Tolbert Area students, including LLC students. Students will gain a basic understanding of major leadership theories, principles and effective practices with a focus on the Social Change Model of Leadership. The components and qualities of what is required in effective and exceptional leadership such as communication, group behavior, problem solving and decision making, conflict management, ethics and values will all be explored.


  • Apply leadership practices and behaviors to successful functioning of groups and organizations
  • Define the Social Change Model of Leadership
  • Describe the relationship of service to leadership
  • Analyze and use key terms and concepts in leadership theory

Meet your instructors

Tara Gallagher currently serves as Assistant Director of Housing Operations for the Department of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Florida. She is a double gator graduate, and she has a masters in Student Personnel in Higher Education. Tara has been an instructor in the Leaders Scholars program since 2016. She is passionate about social justice education and creating inclusive environments for all identities. In Tara’s free time you can find her at a Gator sporting event or perusing an art gallery. She has three children and is originally from Hudson, Florida.

Haitao Xu

Kimone Simmons Kimone is a native of Madison, Wisconsin where she earned her associates degree (Arts & Science) from the University of Wisconsin-Richland and bachelor’s degree (Sociology) from The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. In 2013, Kimone earned her master’s degree (Counselor Education) from Mississippi State University. In February of 2017, Kimone was recognized as the recipient for the Diversity Award in Excellence at The Mississippi University for Women. Kimone enjoys running and training for races, attending athletic events, being outside, and getting engaged in the community. Kimone is a passionate professional and advocate for student development, engagement, and leadership.

Don't take our word for it

My favorite part of the course was writing about “Why Am I here” paper. In that paper, I wrote about my career goal of becoming a physician and my desire to build personal and professional connections during my time at the University of Florida. Fast forward six years, as I started medical school at the University of Miami, I reread that paper, and it served as a reminder of how I began my time at UF and how far I have come along, as well as how much I still have left till I achieve my goal.Haitao Xu