UF Housing is Where Gators Live.

Welcome to the
Gator Nation!

Congratulations on becoming a Gator! We are excited to welcome you home.
Living with UF Housing means you’re seconds away from everything! Our residence halls are designed to create community
and engagement with your fellow Gators! As a resident, you have access to activities, academic resources, and 24/7 support.
Living here means being all in as a Gator.
Are you ready to Be All In?
It’s just 5 easy steps.

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    STEP 1: Housing Application

    Submit your $25 non-refundable housing application. Your housing application date is used to determine when you will receive your room information and where you will be living.

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    Complete your housing agreement by reviewing the terms and conditions as well as submitting your $225 advance rent payment by the due date. Your housing agreement guarantees you a space in a residence hall.

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    Once your housing agreement is complete you will be able to select your preferences. Preferences include area/building, roommate, and Living Learning Community. Building assignments will begin in May.

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    You will select a move in appointment to let us know when you plan to arrive to campus. Move In Appointment information will be sent in summer.

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    STEP 5: Move In

    Move in will be by appointment. If you plan to participate in a university sponsored activity and need to arrive prior to the first scheduled move in date please work directly with your group. University groups will send your information to housing. Housing will schedule your move in appointment to ensure you arrive in time for activities.

  • August 2020 to November 1, 2020: Priority application period for UF admissions
  • August 2020 through Summer 2021: UF Housing applications available
  • February 2021: UF admission decision
  • February-March 2021: GatorLink creation and access UFL email
  • March 2021: UF Housing information email
  • March 2021: UF Housing agreements sent weekly to incoming housing applicants
  • March-June 2021: Update housing assignment preferences
  • May 1, 2021: Housing accommodation request deadline
  • May 1, 2021: Last day to cancel incoming student housing agreements for any reason
  • May 2021: Housing accommodation assignments begin
  • May 2021: Assignment preferences due
  • May 2021: Living Learning Community assignments begin
  • May 2021: Building Selection by Appointment
  • May 2021: Assignments begin in application date order
  • June and July 2021: Assignment and roommate information revealed
  • Fall Move In Information will be provided late summer.
Incoming freshmen and transfer students are offered housing on a first come, first served basis in order of housing application date. Housing agreements will be offered starting in March until all available spaces are filled. Housing is not guaranteed unless the agreement is completed by the specified due date.

Depending upon the term of admission, students are offered the following housing agreement lengths:

Summer B Admitted Students: B, Fall & Spring
*Summer B admits who only want to live on campus for the B term must request a B only housing agreement.

Fall Admitted Students: Fall & Spring

Spring Admitted Students (Innovation Academy): Spring & Summer A + B*

*Innovation Academy students who plan to enroll in online courses for Fall can opt to live on campus for Fall, Spring, and Summer A+B

Change your mind about UF or living on campus?
To cancel your contract visit https://hms.housing.ufl.edu

Still Attending UF
The deadline to cancel your housing agreement if you are still attending the University of Florida is May 1st. A standard cancellation fee of $225 applies per the terms and conditions.

Not Attending UF
The cancellation date is May 1st. A standard cancellation fee of $125 applies per the terms and conditions.
Cancelling after May 1st will result in a $225 cancellation fee.

For details on all of our residence halls please visit: https://www.housing.ufl.edu/housing

Incoming students can live in any of our residence areas. However, certain areas and types of rooms have already been filled by our returning students.

Tour a Room: 360° Tours

UF Housing is excited to collaborate with a wide range of Campus Partners and hosts a variety of specialty communities, called Living Learning Communities (LLCs) which aim to support the academic experience through experiential learning opportunities!

Living Learning Communities

Many Gators enjoy being part of LLCs that directly relate to a major or program of study such as Engineering, while others are interest-based aligns with their personal interests such as the Arts or Active Living. We strongly encourage all students to consider joining an LLC!

Our LLC students actively participate in exclusive academic and career opportunities experiential learning that complements their classroom experience, and achieve lifelong friendships.

After asking students, we found out that students in UF LLCs meet more people, feel closer to the campus community, and have more experiences and skills relevant to their academic major and career. It’s great to be an LLC Gator!

We place a high value on Living and Learning Community experiences and we assign all students interested in LLCs first until each LLC is filled.

Be Sure to Create Your GatorLink Username and Password.

Creating a Gatorlink account is important – You’ll need it to access your housing agreement and to do almost anything else online with UF. A few days after you are admitted you will receive an automated email that will prompt you to create your Gator digital identity. This account name is public and is used as your access to most UF information systems and will become your UF email address. You only get one opportunity, so make it count.
If you need assistance, please contact UF Computing Help desk at (352)392-HELP(4357).
After you create your Gatorlink account, visit https://hms.housing.ufl.edu to make sure we have your most up to date contact information.
To update your profile, click on your Gatorlink username in the top right-hand corner of the page and select “view/update profile.”
Then click on “Your Information” to review and make any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we are frequently asked. If you have additional questions we’d love to hear from you!
Feel free to reach out to us!

We encourage students who plan to live on campus to apply as soon as possible to have the most choices. If you haven’t applied you may do so by visiting link: https://www.housing.ufl.edu/living-options/apply/

Housing agreements will be sent on Tuesday’s to admitted students with an application.

Each student has at least 2 weeks to complete their housing agreement to secure campus housing. To complete the agreement, students must accept the terms and conditions and make the $225 advance rent payment.
No, completing your housing agreement does not confirm your admission to UF. You will need to confirm your admission by May 1st with the Admission’s Office.
We want the housing process to be as easy as possible. When you start your time as a Gator, it is our goal that you move in to the place you will call home for your entire first year.

Students starting during the Summer B semester
The majority of new Summer B students will move in to the residence hall they will live in for the Summer B, Fall and Spring semesters. Since some residence halls aren’t open during the Summer, new students starting in the Summer choose from the following areas and residence halls:

Buckman Hall (Promise Summer B Only)
Jennings Hall
Springs Complex
Thomas Hall (Promise Summer B Only)

Students participating in a living learning community that isn’t open during the summer will live in summer school housing and move out after Summer and into their LLC at the start of the fall semester.

Students starting during the Fall semester
All residence areas are open to students living on campus starting in the fall. However, the following areas have limited availability due to their popularity with our returning students:

Limited Availability
Beaty Towers
Infinity Hall
Hume Honors
Murphree Area
Lakeside Complex

Little or No Availability
Single Rooms in all residence halls
Apartments in the Keys Complex
All suites in Cypress Hall

Students starting during the Spring semester (Innovation Academy)
Incoming Innovation Academy students are assigned to Beaty Towers. Please pay attention to your emails for the possibility of moving on campus for the Fall term if you are enrolled in online classes prior to starting your program in Spring.

  • Traditional Style: Students living in traditional halls typically share a bedroom and use a floor bathroom and kitchen/lounge.
  • Suite Style: Students in suites typically share a bedroom and have a bathroom connected to their room and a kitchen/lounge on their floor.
  • Apartment Style: Students in apartments have a bathroom and kitchen adjoining their room. Students in Beaty Towers share a bedroom. Students in Keys & Lakeside typically have private bedrooms.
Yes, our residence halls house first year and upperclassman together. Living with an upperclassmen is often a great idea because your new roommate will typically know all the ins and outs of living on campus.
Yes! As a new Gator, you just need to give your friend your Gatorlink username and tell your friend to email us about living together. Then we’ll work to find a room where you can both live.
Most of our beds are Twin XL. But for more details, view our bed information sheet.
After completing your housing agreement, we will email you about using RoomSync. RoomSync is an app that allows you to connect with other new UF students to find a compatible roommate.
We want all of our students to be successful when living in the residence halls. Students with a medical condition that requires a specific housing accommodation should visit this page: https://www.housing.ufl.edu/residence-halls/accommodation-requests/
First year students at UF are not required to live in the residence halls. Once we have enough students to fill all the residence halls, we will stop offering campus housing and begin a wait list for interested students. For last fall, almost 200 people were on the wait list as of move in day.
Before you can receive a room assignment, you must complete your housing agreement.

Students interested in Living Learning Communities (LLCs) will receive assignments beginning in May.

Students with medical accommodations will receive their assignments the beginning of May.

Students admitted for Summer B will be assigned starting May and completed by May 29.

Students admitted for Fall will be assigned starting June 1 and we will continue to make assignments through the rest of the summer.

Innovation Academy Students admitted for Spring will be assigned the beginning of June.

To get tons of information about move in, visit: https://www.housing.ufl.edu/residents/move-in/

For Fall, we ask that each student select a move in time. You will be notified via email when you can go in and select a move in appointment.

There are a number of possible reasons a person can’t be added to your roommate group.

  • Make sure your friend has completed a housing agreement.
  • Make sure your friend is starting the same term. Students must have matching housing agreements to be roommates.
  • Make sure your friend isn’t part of another roommate group. This also applies if two people are both trying to create the group. Only one person needs to send an invite to create a roommate group.
Yes! If you know a current student who is living in the residence halls next year, let us know and we’ll see if we can place you in the same room together.

Additionally, there is a chance that an incoming student could be placed with a returning sophomore, junior, or senior in the residence halls as a random roommate.

No! The residence halls are open during most university holidays including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, MLK Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

The residence halls close during these two times:

  • Between Summer B & Fall Semesters
  • Between Fall and Spring Semesters
If you will be returning to the exact same room, you can leave all your items. But don’t forget your phone charger because the halls will be closed and you won’t be able to access your room during semester breaks.

If you are changing rooms, you will have to remove all of your belongings at the end of the semester and move back in at the start of the next semester.

All the bathrooms in the residence halls are cleaned regularly by UF Housing & Residence Life staff.

  • Traditional style halls are cleaned daily Monday – Friday and as need on Saturdays.
  • Suite & Apartment style halls are cleaned once a week.
There is typically 1 sink/shower/toilet for every 5-6 people in traditional style residence halls.

There is 1 sink/shower/toilet for every 2-4 people in apartment and suite style residence halls.