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Congratulations on becoming a Gator! We are excited to welcome you home. Living with UF Housing means you’re seconds away from everything! Our residence halls are designed to create community and engagement with your fellow Gators! As a resident, you have access to activities, academic resources, and 24/7 support. Living here means being all in as a Gator.
Are you ready to Be All In?

  • STEP 1: Housing Application

    Submit your $25 non-refundable housing application. Your housing application date is used to determine when you will receive your housing agreement and where you will be living. Housing on campus is not required and is first-come, first-serve. We want to make sure that you can be seconds away from everything by living in one of our communities.


    Complete your housing agreement by reviewing the terms and conditions and submitting your $225 advance rent payment by the due date. Your housing agreement ensures you a space in a residence hall but does not guarantee a specific building or room type. Remember to submit your agreement by the due date in your offer email.


    Once your agreement is complete, it’s time to start selecting preferences! Preferences will help guide and prepare you for your room assignment. While preferences are not guaranteed, our UF Housing team does our absolute best to match you with your choices. Preferences include area/building, roommate, and Living Learning Community. Building assignments will begin in May.

  • Step 4: Identify your space

    With your preferences submitted, it’s time for building selection and assignments. As we get closer to this time, we will let you know if you are selecting your room during building selection or if our housing staff will be determining your room selection. We will detail more information over the next several weeks.


    With your application submitted, housing agreement complete, and your room assigned, you are now set to live life in the Swamp. We will send you details about packing, community expectations, and the move-in process closer to your first semester.

  • August 2020 to November 15, 2020: Priority application period for UF admissions
  • August 2020 through Summer 2021: UF Housing applications available
  • February 26, 2021: UF admission decision
  • February-March 2021: GatorLink creation and access UFL email
  • March 3, 2021: UF Housing information email
  • March-May 2021: UF Housing agreements sent weekly to incoming housing applicants
  • March-May 14, 2021: Update housing assignment preferences
  • May 1, 2021: Housing accommodation request deadline
  • May 1, 2021: Last day to cancel incoming student housing agreements for any reason
  • May 3-7, 2021: Housing accommodation assignments begin
  • May 14, 2021: Assignment preferences due in HMS
  • May 17-21, 2021: Living Learning Community assignments begin
  • May 25-28, 2021: Summer B Building Selection by Appointment
  • June 2, 2021: Innovation Academy assignment begin
  • June 8-10, 2021: Fall Building Selection by Appointment
  • June 9 and July 9, 2021: Assignment and roommate information revealed
  • Summer B Move-In: By appointment starting June 24, 2021. More details to be provided in late May.
  • Fall Move-In: By appointment the week of August 17. More details to be provided in late summer.
  • Spring Move-In: Innovation Academy move-in by appointment the week of January 3. More details provided in fall.
Incoming freshmen and transfer students are offered housing on a first come, first served basis in order of housing application date. Housing agreements will be offered starting in March until all available spaces are filled. Housing is not guaranteed unless the agreement is completed by the specified due date. The housing agreement is a legal and binding agreement that guarantees a student a space in any residence hall, room type, and rental rate. Be sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions prior to completing the agreement. Terms and conditions are available here https://www.housing.ufl.edu/living-options/terms-conditions/.

Depending upon the term of admission, students are offered the following housing agreement lengths:

Summer B Admitted Students:

Students admitted for the summer B term will have three contract options: Summer B only, B/Fall/Spring, Summer B only and Fall/Spring.

Summer B only is for the B term and students will live in a designated residence hallSummer B only residence halls are:  

  • Infinity  
  • Jennings 
  • Keys  
  • Springs  

Summer B/Fall/Spring is an agreement for three terms where a student will live in a designated hall for all three terms. Residents in this agreement type can keep items in their assigned room and do not have to fully move out between summer b, fall, and spring. Summer B/Fall/Spring residence halls are 

  • Beaty East  
  • Broward 
  • Jennings  
  • Springs   
  • Mallory Hall

Summer B only and Fall/spring is when a student elects to complete two separate housing agreements. Students will live in a designated hall during summer b (see halls above) and then another location for fall/spring. At the end of summer b, students must fully move out and return to their new fall location at their move-in appointment time.  

Fall Admitted Students: Fall & Spring

Spring Admitted Students (Innovation Academy): Spring & Summer A + B*

*Innovation Academy students who plan to enroll in online courses for Fall can opt to live on campus for Fall, Spring, and Summer A+B

Plans change and need to cancel your agreement to live on campus?
To cancel your contract visit https://hms.housing.ufl.edu. Cancellations must be received on or before the May 1st deadline. Students cannot cancel after May 1st if they are still attending UF.

Still Attending UF
The deadline to cancel your housing agreement if you are still attending the University of Florida is May 1st. A standard cancellation fee of $225 applies per the terms and conditions.

Not Attending UF
The cancellation date is May 1st. A standard cancellation fee of $125 applies per the terms and conditions.
Cancelling after May 1st will result in a $225 cancellation fee.

Building Selection and Housing Assignments

Building selection and housing assignment information occur online in our Housing Management System (HMS) https://hms.housing.ufl.edu. Be sure to check your UFL email for specific details regarding building and room type assignments.

Summer B housing assignments will begin the week of May 24. Students who applied on or before April 2, 2021 will be provided an appointment to select their building and room type. Building selection will be hosted Tuesday, May 25-Thursday, May 27 by appointment. Appointments will be available the week of May 10 under the “Building Selection” tab in HMS.

Students who applied after April 2 will be assigned by the housing assignments team. Students receive an email once they are assigned to their building and room type. Summer B room number and roommate information will be available on June 9 in HMS.

Assignment Preferences are due by Friday, May 14.

Be Sure to Create Your GatorLink Username and Password.

Creating a GatorLink account is important – You’ll need it to access your housing agreement and to do almost anything else online with UF. A few days after you are admitted you will receive an automated email that will prompt you to create your Gator digital identity. This account name is public and is used as your access to most UF information systems and will become your UF email address. You only get one opportunity, so make it count.
If you need assistance, please contact UF Computing Help desk at (352)392-HELP(4357).

After you create your GatorLink account, visit https://hms.housing.ufl.edu to make sure we have your most up to date contact information.
To update your profile, click on your GatorLink username in the top right-hand corner of the page and select “view/update profile.”
Then click on “Your Information” to review and make any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we are frequently asked. If you have additional questions we’d love to hear from you.


A payment that is required to complete the housing contract. This payment is submitted after students have complete the online portion of their housing contract. The advanced rent payment will go towards the upcoming semester’s rent.


This style of residence hall is shared by four students that will share a kitchen, bathroom and common living space. These style residence halls have rooms where students either share rooms or have private rooms. (Beaty, Lakeside, Keys)

  • Apartment Four People– Apartment-style room where two students share a room, and two other students have individual bedrooms (Lakeside).
  • Private Bedroom– Apartment-style room where all four students have an individual room (Lakeside/Keys).
  • Shared Bedroom– Apartment-style rooms where four students share two bedrooms (Beaty).
Rooms of this type typically have shared bedrooms and an adjoining bathroom that is shared with 2-6 students in total who may live in separate bedrooms. The layout is similar to a “Jack and Jill” bedroom bathroom layout in a single-family home (Cypress, Hume, Infinity, Springs).

  • Double Suite– Room with two students that shares the bathroom with the room next to it.
  • Single Suite– Room with one student that shares the bathroom with the room next to it.
  • Super Suite– One large room divided into two or three rooms. The rooms are shared by two students with a shared bathroom. Four to six students will share the super suite (Cypress and Infinity).
This residence hall-style will have students sharing a room with a community bathroom down the hall. This style of residence hall can have rooms that will hold one to four students.

  • Double– This room type is shared by two students.
  • Economy Double– Room shared by two students that is a little smaller than a standard double room.
  • Late Application Triple (LAT) – This room type is shared by three students. This room type is different from a regular triple as we work to assign one of the students to a different space to make the room into a double room.
  • Quad– This room type is shared by four students.
  • Single– This room type shared by one student.
  • Suite Three People– One large room shared by three students with a shared bathroom.
  • Three Room Triple– Three rooms shared by three students (Murphree Area).
  • Three Room Quad– Three rooms shared by four students (Murphree Area).
  • Triple– This room type is shared by three students.
  • Two Room Double– Two rooms shared by two students with an entry way between the rooms (Murphree Area).
  • Two Room Triple– Two rooms shared by three students (Murphree Area).
  • Two Room Quad– Two room shared by four students (Murphree Area).