When you select an apartment, you will have a limited time to complete the contract process. Please be sure the apartment meets your needs. Once you have completed the online apartment selection and contract process, you are responsible for a minimum of 60 days rent.

Selection Process

1. Set your apartment preferences using the Apartment Selection toolbar.

2. The system will display available apartments based on your preferences.

Tip: If there are no apartments listed, we currently have no vacant apartments posted. 

3. Once you find an apartment you like, you can click the select button. You will have 15 minutes to finalize your apartment selection.

4.Verify that the rental rate, apartment location information, and select your move in appointment date.

5. Finalize your apartment selection and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

To view Terms and Conditions prior to selection visit: Village Terms & Conditions

6. You have contracted your apartment!


Apartment availability will be sent to active village applicants on Wednesday's of each week. Apartments will be made available for selection to all active applicants on Friday's at 9 am.