incoming students

1. Apply

Living on campus is the quintessential college experience. Housing at UF is not required nor guaranteed for any incoming students. Housing is first-come, first-serve, and limited.

Your Housing Application Date determines the number of choices you have of residence hall options. For most choices, apply early. Applications received after admission are considered later in time frame and may limit options.

Be sure to submit your $25 non-refundable housing application today!

2. Housing Agreement

Students with active housing applications will receive information about housing agreement options. Housing agreements are legally binding and require an advance rent payment. Terms and Conditions for housing agreements are available on our website.

The housing agreement guarantees a student a room in a residence hall on campus. The agreement does not guarantee a specific room type, rental rate, location, or roommate. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian accept the terms and conditions.

3. Building Placement and Assignment

Students have the opportunity to indicate Living Learning Community, Building, and Roommate preferences. Preferences are considered in the placement process but are not guaranteed. The housing application date determines where and when a student receives their building and room type assignment.

4. Pay Your Rent

Rent is due in full prior to the beginning of each semester. Students with enough financial aid are eligible for a rent deferment. This is different than a tuition deferment.

5. Move In