Undergraduate Housing

Display Rates by Semester:


(Rates Listed are Per Person, Per Semester)
Rental Rates shown are typical for most rooms on campus.
Rates will vary due to specific room features.


Resident HallRoom TypeRoom Rate
Beaty TowersShared Bedroom$2,845
Broward HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Buckman HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Cypress HallSingle Room$3,783 – $3,783
Double Suite$3,574
Super Suite$3,574
Fletcher HallSingle Room$2,696 – $3,027
Double Room$2,648 – $2,696
Two Room Double$2,696 – $3,040
Three Room Triple$2,845 – $3,040
Infinity HallSingle Suite$3,947
Double Suite$3,729
Super Suite$3,839
Jennings HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Mallory HallSingle Room$2,696 – $2,804
Double Room $2,648
Murphree HallDouble Room$2,815
Two Room Double$2,815 – $3,040
Two Room Triple$2,815 – $3,040
Rawlings HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Two Room Quad$2,696
Double Suite$2,740
Reid HallSingle Room$2,804 – $3,027
Double Room$2,648
Sledd HallSingle Room$2,455 – $3,027
Double Room$2,648
Two Room Double$2,696 – $2,920
Two Room Triple$2,696 – $3,040
Three Room Quad$2,696
Shared Bedroom$2,845
Thomas HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Yulee HallSingle Room$2,696 – $2,804
Double Room$2,648

Resident HallRoom TypeRoom Rate
East HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,684
Graham HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Hume Hall (Honors)Single Room$3,783
Double Room$3,574
Keys ComplexPrivate Bedroom$3,174
Lakeside ComplexShared Bedroom Apt$2,845
Private Bedroom Apt$3,429
North HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Riker HallSingle Room$2,804 – $2,845
Double Room$2,648 – $2,815
Simpson HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Springs ComplexSingle Suite$3,282
Double Suite$3,060
Tolbert HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Trusler HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648
Weaver HallSingle Room$2,804
Double Room$2,648


Graduate and Family Housing

The rental rates for Graduate and Family Housing typically change each year starting July 1. Rental rate changes apply to all contracted students.

Rental rates include water, internet and basic cable.

Corry VillageOne Bedroom$484
Corry VillageOne Bedroom (remodeled)$628
Corry VillageTwo Bedroom $542
Corry VillageTwo Bedroom (remodeled)$688
Corry VillageDeluxe Two Bedroom (remodeled)$745
Diamond VillageOne Bedroom$628
Diamond VillageTwo Bedroom$688
Maguire VillageOne Bedroom$560
Maguire VillageOne Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$599
Maguire VillageTwo Bedroom$617
Maguire VillageTwo Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$658
Tanglewood VillageOne Bedroom$588
Tanglewood VillageOne Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$628
Tanglewood VillageTwo Bedroom$646
Tanglewood VillageTwo Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$688
Tanglewood VillageTownhouse$705
Tanglewood VillageTownhouse (remodeled kitchen)$745
University Village SouthOne Bedroom$560
University Village SouthOne Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$599
University Village SouthTwo Bedroom$617
University Village SouthTwo Bedroom (remodeled kitchen)$658

Additional Fees

At the time an application is taken for Graduate and Family Housing, a $25 nonrefundable application fee is required.
Payments received after the close of business on the tenth day of each month are subject to a $75 late payment fee. This is a one-time per month charge.
If a current resident transfers from one rental unit to another rental unit, there shall be a charge of $75 in order to cover the loss in rent during the move as well as for the administrative processing of records.
If a resident does not leave his/her rental unit on the date indicated on their “Notice of Intent to Vacate” (NIV), a charge of $200 will be assessed and an illegal check-out charge.
If a resident fails to remove all items from their apartment upon move out, a charge of $200 will be assessed. If additional cleaning or item removal is required, an additional charge of $25 per hour, up to a maximum of eight hours will be assessed.
Special pass through service charges for items, such as Cable TV, additional phone line, etc., may be added to the rental fee during the year on a cost-plus basis.
Lock-out service is defined as the checking out of the spare apartment key, commons room or the assistance of Graduate and Family Housing staff to open a locked apartment. Once a resident has used the lock-out service in excess of two (2) occurrences per academic semester, a $50 charge will be assessed.
Abandoned property fee is defined as a charge for a resident who has left trash outside of the dumpster. Staff will have to be able to identify the resident responsible for the trash placed outside of the receptacle. A $200 charge will be assessed for the removal of the items.
If a resident is discovered subleasing (leasing of their apartment to another individual), the resident will have 72 hours to vacate the apartment and will be charged a $300 fee.