Project Updates

Housing Master Plan

In support of enhancing the Gator student experience, the Housing Master plan provides both a vision and road map for the creation of new residential facilities and and upgrades, among other projects. The plan aims to support a signature UF experience, contribute to a vibrant campus life, balance financial accessibility with quality facilities, and maintain student choice and fiscal responsibility.

As part of the background research conducted, undergraduate and graduate students were surveyed in the fall of 2018. Survey topics included housing preferences, the impact of living on campus, and experiences living off campus. The themes the emerged as very important to our students were proximity to campus, quality of housing facility, ability to choose roommates and cost.

Also noted in the results, student strongly agree or agree:

  • Living on campus helped to acclimate them to live as a student (92%)
  • Provided them with a sense of community (77%)
  • Positively influenced their academic performance (80%)
  • Provide them with a safe and secure environment (93%)
  • Provided them with a convenient living option (95%)
  • Positively influenced their utilization of campus resources (86%)
  • More than 86% of students reported that living on campus enhanced their overall experience at UF

The first project slated to be completed is the New Residential Housing Complex with Honors College.

Frequently Asked Questions

The proposed residential complex would be located behind Broward Hall.
The new complex does not replace an existing building at this time.
Current projections put the cost of the residential complex at $175 million.
Construction is expected to start in March 2022 with a completion date of May 2024 and an opening date of August 2024.
The decision to pursue building a new residential complex follows a comprehensive demand study.
The University of Florida is proud to support graduate students by offering numerous housing options for graduate students and families. We offer the most apartments for graduates of any university in the SEC. It is our mission to provide well-maintained, inclusive, community-oriented facilities where residents are empowered to learn, innovate, and succeed. The new residential complex is the first phase of a campus housing master plan to support all our students.

Maguire/University Village Housing (UVS)

Additionally, as part of the master planning process it was determined that the Graduate and Family Housing villages of Maguire and University Village South (UVS) no longer provide the quality of life the university wished to provide to students, as the facilities are beyond economical renovation. Maguire and UVS facilities will be closing in a phased approach by no longer offering new contracts. We look forward to enhancing existing and creating quality new residential living spaces for our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

These graduate and family living villages no longer meet our standards or provide the quality of life we seek to provide for our students. The facilities are beyond economical renovation at this point.
Maguire opened in 1972, and UVS opened in 1973.
Yes. All our residential facilities receive regular maintenance. We will also continue to provide service and support to these facilities while residents still live there.
No outside agency or authority is forcing us to close Maguire/UVS. It is strictly a University of Florida decision to provide the best and economically sound support to our students.
No, it is not unsafe to reside in, and we would never allow students to stay in the facilities if they were. Maguire and UVS no longer provide the residential standard we seek to deliver to our students, and it is not cost-effective to keep the facilities.
The university is still examining the needs of the campus. The university is currently in the middle of several master planning processes examining everything from housing to dining to parking and transportation. UF is looking to enhance the campus experience for current and future students, including graduate students and their families.
  • Beginning Fall 2020, we will be taking a phased approach to permanently closing Maguire/UVS as to lessen the impact on current residents, and we will start the transfer process to other villages. Through this phased approach, we will no longer be accepting new housing contracts to live in these 2 facilities
  • On/By June 25th, 2023, residents of UVS/Maguire must vacate facilities
  • The facilities should be completely closed by July 1st, 2023
  • Transfer requests can be submitted here: Room Transfers
Yes, our residents in Maguire and UVS are greatly valued and will continue to provide excellent service to all our residents.
For current residents, we are identifying the buildings/apartments that need to be phased out first and those residents if they wish to live with us can transfer to another apartment in Maguire/UVS or Graduate and Family Housing Village. If a resident of those facilities wants to get out of their lease, we will honor that request.

For future residents, no future contracts will be accepted for Maguire/UVS village. This will allow us to better accommodate transfer requests, if requested for current residents.

No staff member – student or professional, will lose their job as a result of Maguire/UVS closing. They will be re-assigned to another area.
We are committed to continuing to honor the life and legacy of former UVS Mayor Welch McNair Bostick III. We will be storing markers of the memorial for the time being and working closely with the Mayor’s Council to find an alternative location for the memorial.
The comprehensive list of Alachua County Public Schools and Centers can be found in this Directory.
Each village may be assigned to a different school zone. These zones frequently change, so it is important to research the information yourself. Below is a list of schools assigned to each respective village.

UF Public Safety Building – Noise Impact

Construction of the new three story UF Public Safety Building is underway with anticipated completion of August 2022. This new facility is located just north of Jennings Hall. During construction of this facility Jennings Hall may experience construction noise impact.

Museum Road – Partial Closure

Museum Road between Center Drive and Broward Drive on the University of Florida campus will close May 10 for Utilities infrastructure additions and improvements. For more information about the project, including maps, alternative routes, and any changes to the project timeline please visit the project website.