This page addresses accommodations for students that will reside or currently reside in single-student Housing.

Inclusive Housing Options for Diverse Populations

Housing Option: In support of all students and consistent with the UF Non-Discrimination Policy, the Department of Housing and Residence Life offers Open Housing as an assignment option for a limited number of students. For more information, contact

Medical & Disability Accommodations

Some housing units are built or modified for accessibility and to accommodate students with disabilities.  Students who wish to request special housing consideration, based on a disability, must contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  Specific medical documentation will be required from your physician to support the request. For additional information on housing accommodations, please visit

The DRC will provide the Department of Housing and Residence Life with the recommended accommodations. Upon receipt of this information, our staff will confirm that a housing agreement has been completed and either assign the student or reach out to the student with questions. Students with medical accommodations will be assigned by a staff member and will not be able to select a room through the standard room selection process. Please submit medical or disability accommodation requests as soon as possible. Due to the high demand for housing in the fall and spring semesters, we ask that returning students submit accommodation paperwork by February 1, and incoming students submit accommodation paperwork by May 1. 

Service Animals or Assistance Animals

Please contact at least 30 days prior to your move-in date.

Other offices at UF that provide services: