Students have three business days to pick up their package, unless it is during a holiday break or students contact the area desk clerk to have them hold the package for additional days.


No, you are not required to live on campus, and on-campus housing is not guaranteed. Therefore, we encourage you to apply early, so you can have an earlier priority date for choosing where you want to live.
Unfortunately, we do not offer a waiver for our application fee, because on-campus housing is not required by the University in most cases.
The housing application fee is non-refundable for any reason, even if you are not accepted to the University of Florida.
Yes, as an incoming student, you apply for UF Housing through the application status page with admissions. There is a $25 non-refundable fee when applying for a housing contract. There is no need for a Gatorlink account to apply for UF Housing.


Yes! Our contracts are offered as Fall/Spring agreements, but once you are registered for graduation, reach out to us and we will verify your information. If you have registered to graduate at the end of the Fall term, we will cancel your housing agreement for Spring without a cancellation fee.
Once your housing agreement is completed, you can go to the Assignment Preferences page on HMS and add your friend to your Roommate Group by entering their GatorLink username. This will send them an email, where they can accept your invitation. You must have the exact same contract types to be paired together.
The cancellation deadline is May 1st for the following contract terms:

  • B/Fall/Spring
  • Fall/Spring
  • Fall/Spring/Summer

The cancellation deadline is March 1st for the following contract terms:

  • Summer A
  • Summer A, Summer B
  • Summer B (current students)

To cancel the agreement log onto and select “Contract” then “Cancel Contract.”

Housing Options

Most of our residence halls on the east side of campus will be close to your classes, since they’ll be spread out in several buildings. You can also go to and filter the search to show you housing options, so you can see which residence halls are closest to your department’s building.

Housing Payments

Florida Prepaid will cover all spaces up to the rental rate of $3,729 per semester, which is our most expensive double room on campus.
This depends on the financial aid the student receives. If a student’s financial aid has already covered tuition, any remaining aid will be applied to the remaining charges on the student’s account, and this includes housing.
Students can check their eligibility for a rent deferment by signing on to HMS and selecting the “My Deferments” option under the Contract tab. In order to be eligible, students must have financial aid of $4,900 or more of financial aid for the fall/spring or $1,600 or more for each summer term. Florida Prepaid is not included as “financial aid” on the student’s account, so students with a Florida Prepaid plan may need to call the Housing Accounts team and request a deferment at (352) 846-6381.


Once you are assigned a residence hall room, you will wait for the move-in selection to open. Once it does, you can select an hour time slot for the specific day you would like to move in.
Freshmen will be allowed to move in one day earlier than returning students. However, they are not required to move in on this day.
We usually only allow early move-in times for students as part of an event with a university sponsored group. If you have extenuating circumstances keeping you from moving in on any of the allowed days, contact us and we can work with you to make sure you are able to move in.

Room Transfers

You can submit a room transfer request through your HMS account under Room Transfer Requests. Room transfer requests are offered based on availability and are not guaranteed.
No. The contract terms differ, so you would be unable to participate in Swamp Swap with them.
Talk to your friend’s assigned roommate and ask if they would want to participate in a swap. If they agree, both of you can send us an email requesting a swap within the suite.

Housing Accommodations

You can submit a Housing Accommodation Request through the Disability Resource Center and submit your medical documentation. They will work with you to determine what kind of space you need and communicate that information with us.
It depends on your accommodation needs. Cypress Hall is the only residence hall with fully ADA accessible rooms, but housing accommodations can range from being in a space without carpet, to being located on the ground floor of the building. We have spaces all over campus on hold for students with various needs.
Yes! You can submit your service animal’s paperwork to the Disability Resource Center and complete the necessary paperwork with the Residence Life and Education team.


The completed Application for Contract Release, a typed personal statement, and dated, supported documentation of an unforeseen change in circumstances.
No. The parent can write a letter to explain the situation in more detail that would be part of the supporting documentation, but the appeal must be submitted by the student through their HMS account, in person or mail/fax.
Appeals are heard and decided on within ten business days of the completed appeal being received.


May 1. This is also the date students need to commit to an institution.
$225 is our standard cancellation fee. If an incoming student cancels their contract due to declining their admission prior to May 1, it will be reduced to $125.
Yes! We need verification that the program or internship will be for course credit counting towards the student’s degree, typically this is a letter from their academic advisor. Additionally, we can only cancel Spring term portions of the agreement. If a student needs the Fall term cancelled, we will need to cancel their entire agreement and they will be placed on a waitlist for Spring only housing. Students who are participating in an approved program or are graduating in the fall will receive a cancellation with NO fee.

Housing Tours

Currently we do not have any tours due to the state wide stay at home orders. We will begin again as soon as possible. Thank you and stay safe!

area office information

Students can visit the Area Office during their hours, typically 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Their area office information should be on HMS, or on website.
Students can visit the offices for assistance with packages, laundry facilities, lock-outs, and especially moving in! Area offices typically have a lot of information about room dimensions and furniture dimensions as well.
Offices are open typically 8am-8pm on weekdays and 8am-4pm on Saturdays. Cypress Hall and Infinity Hall desks are both open 24 hours a day.

Room and Furniture Information

Residence hall rooms come with a standard set of furniture that includes a bed frame, a mattress, a desk, a dresser, and either a closet or a wardrobe in place of one.
We do not remove furniture from student rooms. You can add your own pieces of furniture, but they must fit inside the room with what is already there.
The beds in certain residence halls can be lofted to fit the desk underneath it. Even if the room does not support lofting of the bed, you can still have the height of the bed adjusted to an extent. Check out our informational flyer on all things bed related here.


Dogs and cats are not allowed in any on-campus housing unless approved through the UF Disability Resource Center (DRC) as an accommodation.

Housing Terms

A payment that is required to complete the housing contract. This payment is submitted after students have complete the online portion of their housing contract. The advanced rent payment will go towards the upcoming semester’s rent.
Every student who wants to live in a UF residence hall will need to complete a housing application and pay the application fee. It is the first step in the housing process for all students. For incoming students, the date that the housing application is submitted will act as their place in line to receive housing and receive their preferences.
A full-time live-in professional staff member who supervises Graduate Community Coordinators (GCC) and Resident Assistants (RA) and assists students with any housing problems they may have after moving into their residence hall.
A common area where students can pick up packages, get replacement keys if locked out, and ask questions about their room or residence hall. Each residence hall area has an Area Office.
This document outlines the expectations and policies for community living in our residence halls and apartments at UF. Included in the Community Standards is a detailed guide of how to live in the residence halls/apartments, what items you can and cannot bring and outlines the conduct process for students. The community standards can be found on Community Standards & Conduct Code.
Students with sufficient financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) are granted a rent deferment automatically at the time of billing. The due date will be pushed back until after financial aid is disbursed for the semester. If a student is not automatically granted a deferment and receives additional financial assistance, they can go to to request a deferment. Deferments must be given before the due date to avoid late fees.
A graduate community coordinator is a graduate student who lives in the residence hall and provides the students and Resident Assistants with support and a sense of community.
Housing Management System (HMS) is the web portal where students will complete most housing processes. These processes include inputting preferences, completing housing applications and contracts, adding themselves to the waiting list, and room transfers.
Resident’s experience on-campus life with fellow students who share their academic and personal interests, which supports many diverse positive outcomes for the students. Living Learning Communities (LLC) at UF range from narrow and academic to broad and interdisciplinary. These communities are run with unique input from student leaders, include targeted classes, resources, and other exclusive opportunities, and have dedicated staff members committed to their success.
Incoming students can list their choices for living and learning communities, areas, buildings, room types, and roommates on after they have completed a housing contract. Priority for receiving preferences is based on a student’s housing application date.
A fellow Gator resident who facilitates students’ social, academic, and personal adjustment to the residence hall and University. The Resident Assistant develops a sense of community among residents as members of a floor, residents of a hall, and active participants in the residence life system.
A completed housing agreement guarantees students a space in UF’s residence halls. Housing contracts are completed online. For incoming students, housing contracts are offered after completing a housing application and receiving admission to the University starting in February. Continuing students are offered housing contracts for the next school year during the fall term.
RoomSync is a roommate matching application for incoming students. Students sign up for RoomSync through Facebook after they have completed a housing contract. Once signed up, a student can post on RoomSync and look through other student’s posts to find potential roommates.
Students can submit a request to transfer into a different room. The room transfer request list is for individual students only. If a student is offered a space from the waiting list, their roommates will not be transferred. Placing yourself on the room transfer request list does not guarantee that you will be offered a space. When students add themselves to the transfer request list, they are given two priority numbers.

  1. Overall Priority – This is your place in line among the total number of students on the waiting list for any space in a residence hall.
  2. Exact Same Preference Priority – This is your place in line among students who have the exact same transfer preferences.
Students who have maintenance concerns about their room can submit service requests to have maintenance look at their requested concern. Students can submit service requests for pest control, building services, maintenance, mold and mildew, internet, furniture, and IT help. Students can submit service requests a
Two students with the same contract type can swap rooms as long as they mutually agree to the swap. Students can do a direct swap if they know who they would like swap with. They can also advertise their room and look for other students who are trying to swap. Students can request a Swamp Swap by going to


This style of residence hall is shared by four students that will share a kitchen, bathroom and common living space. These style residence halls have rooms where students either share rooms or have private rooms. (Beaty, Lakeside, Keys)

  • Apartment Four People– Apartment-style room where two students share a room, and two other students have individual bedrooms (Lakeside).
  • Private Bedroom– Apartment-style room where all four students have an individual room (Lakeside/Keys).
  • Shared Bedroom– Apartment-style rooms where four students share two bedrooms (Beaty).
Rooms of this type typically have shared bedrooms and an adjoining bathroom that is shared with 2-6 students in total who may live in separate bedrooms. The layout is similar to a “Jack and Jill” bedroom bathroom layout in a single-family home (Cypress, Hume, Infinity, Springs).

  • Double Suite– Room with two students that shares the bathroom with the room next to it.
  • Single Suite– Room with one student that shares the bathroom with the room next to it.
  • Super Suite– One large room divided into two or three rooms. The rooms are shared by two students with a shared bathroom. Four to six students will share the super suite (Cypress and Infinity).
This residence hall-style will have students sharing a room with a community bathroom down the hall. This style of residence hall can have rooms that will hold one to four students.

  • Double– This room type is shared by two students.
  • Economy Double– Room shared by two students that is a little smaller than a standard double room.
  • Late Application Triple (LAT) – This room type is shared by three students. This room type is different from a regular triple as we work to assign one of the students to a different space to make the room into a double room.
  • Quad– This room type is shared by four students.
  • Single– This room type shared by one student.
  • Suite Three People– One large room shared by three students with a shared bathroom.
  • Three Room Triple– Three rooms shared by three students (Murphree Area).
  • Three Room Quad– Three rooms shared by four students (Murphree Area).
  • Triple– This room type is shared by three students.
  • Two Room Double– Two rooms shared by two students with an entry way between the rooms (Murphree Area).
  • Two Room Triple– Two rooms shared by three students (Murphree Area).
  • Two Room Quad– Two room shared by four students (Murphree Area).