Check-Out Information

Preparing for Check-Out

In preparing for spring move out, UF Housing priorites include:

  • Maintaining the health of our students and staff by adhering to guidelines set forth by the CDC.
  • Staff will be following CDC guidelines of social distancing, handwashing, and regular cleaning of high touch surfaces. Staff contact with residents may be limited.
  • Making the move-out processes as easy as possible, given the circumstances.

Students are encouraged to bring carts or a dolly for items. Carts will not be available for move out.

In order to promote the health of campus, a face mask or face covering is required in all public spaces on campus and must be worn in all buildings.

Check-Out Instructions

Step 1: Select a move out appointment time to let staff know when you plan to return your keys and leave campus. To select your move out appointment visit

Step 2: Residents may bring no more than two (2) guests to assist with move out. Per CDC guidelines, guest who have compromised immune systems and/or being monitored/quarantined should not accompany residents.

Step 3: Upon arrival, head directly to your room to pack all items. You must be fully moved out and return keys by your scheduled appointment time.

Step 4: Place all trash in exterior dumpsters–trash should not be left in your room or on your floor. If dumpsters are full, place items neatly beside the exterior of dumpster.

Step 5: Leave items you no longer want in your room. Items remaining in the room will be removed and thrown away. UF Housing is not responsible for any items remaining in your room.

Step 6: Retrieve your checkout envelope from your mailbox. Please complete the label, insert your keys, and insert the envelope in the misdirected mailbox.

After Hours Check-Out

If you are leaving after hours, please follow the steps for express check out and drop your sealed envelope with your keys in the “Misdirected Mail” slot near the mailboxes. Once we receive your keys you will receive a confirmation email to your UFL email address.

Elevator Access

Elevator access may be limited.

Beaty, Cypress, Infinity, Lakeside, and Springs have fully operational elevators for use. Residents are strongly encouraged to follow CDC social distancing recommendations when utilizing elevators. Limiting passengers is ideal.  

Areas with freight elevators will have limited to no use available during check out times. The use of freight elevators will be for large and bulky itemsStaff will provide residents with specific guidance that meets CDC guidelines for freight elevator use.  Murphree Area has no elevators. 

After hour moveouts and residents without moveout appointments will not have access to freight elevators.  

Mailing Keys

If you have moved out of your residence hall and need to return your keys, please send them by mail to your Area Office.

We highly recommend that keys be sent certified mail in sturdy packaging. Once we receive your keys you will receive an email. If your keys are lost or damaged during mail delivery a lost key charge will be assessed to your student account.

Keys must be returned by May 2nd at the latest. For your Area Office address please visit:

Lost Keys
If you have lost your keys please email for next steps to check out.

OnDemand Storage

On Demand Storage is our preferred vendor to pack and store items. Residents must sign up by May 2nd to take advantage of these services. To register for services please visit:

On Demand Schedule of Services:
May 6, 2020 Yulee, Beaty, Jennings
May 7, 2020 Infinity, Murphree
May 8, 2020 Tolbert, Graham, Hume, Keys
May 9, 2020 Springs, Lakeside

Additional Check-Out Options

If you would like to select another vendor or make other arrangements to retrieve your items, we are happy to coordinate this process with you. Please provide our team 24-hour advance notice for scheduling. Contact information is listed by area below.

Need to Stay

Residents who have extenuating circumstances preventing them from leaving campus during the summer term and need housing should submit a request for accommodations by April 24.


If it is not possible to leave now students are permitted to reside in their residential room/suite/apartment.
If you are moving out, we do ask that you remove all your belongings. Items you no longer want may be left in the room. Housing staff will dispose of any items left after check out.
A separate message will be sent to students who have already left following CDC guidelines.
The University of Florida and UF Housing & Residence Education have made the decision to credit your student account for early housing departure based on a prorated calculation. Prorated rent credits will be calculated as follows:
• If you indicated a need to stay in campus housing: You will not receive a rent credit since you are receiving the full benefit of your housing contract.
• If you checked out before March 24: Rent credits will be prorated based on your checkout date.
• If you checked out March 24 or later: Rent credits will be prorated based on March 24.
Complete the housing contact form (, and staff will review your case.
If you have a need to stay, you should complete the housing contact form (, and staff will review your case.
If you have departed campus, but did not check out, you should complete the housing contact form (
Yes. If you are still on campus, you can sign up for a checkout slot here: There are open slots from today to April 7. Staff will evaluate if additional checkout slots are needed.
If the prorated rent credit is greater than the unpaid Spring 2020 rent balance, the credit will cancel out the unpaid rent amount first and the remaining amount can then be refunded to the student. If the prorated rent credit is less than the amount of unpaid Spring 2020 rent, the credit will only reduce the unpaid Spring 2020 rent amount. Students will remain responsible for any unpaid rent charges remaining on their One.UF accounts that are not eligible for removal.
UF Housing & Residence Education will apply rent credits directly to a student’s housing balance on their One.UF account.
If a student has other university charges on their One.UF account, the credit will then be applied to those outstanding charges. Any remaining unapplied credit amounts will then be refunded to the student.
Students without other university charges on their One.UF account will be refunded their entire housing credit amount.
Refunds will be processed to the direct deposit account attached to their One.UF account.
When direct deposit is not possible, students will be mailed a paper check to their permanent mailing address on file.
Refunds will be processed as soon as possible.
Students can update their permanent mailing address in their One.UF account.
All housing account questions can be directed to the Housing Accounts Receivables team at

Additional Questions

We want to answer your move out questions. Our office is currently operating with essential staff. We are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please be patient and we promise we will get to you! Call us at 352-392-2161

U Matter, We Care

Moving out and transitioning your home can bring added stress. Your mental health and well-being are a top priority.  If you, or someone you know, may be experiencing distress please contact U Matter, We Care at  For more information on what to look for please visit:

U Matter, We Care | 352-294-2273 |