Welcome to the Department of Housing and Residence Education at the University of Florida. We hope that the coming year in your new home will be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Housing staff members strive to provide a supportive living environment that encourages students to succeed in the classroom and grow as individuals. You have voluntarily agreed to live in and become part of the residential community. By signing a Housing Contract, you have acknowledged and agree to follow the standards of the community. The Housing Community Standards contained herein are considered a part of the University of Florida Student Code of Conduct (6C1-4.016). These policies have been established in the best interest of the residence community at large in accordance with other University regulations, local, state, and federal laws, and input from previous residents.

For more information, contact the Office of Conduct and Community Standards
at (352) 846-4848 or HousingConduct@ufsa.ufl.edu.