Check out Butler Plaza on Archer Road. There are lots of options to eat.

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Welcome Events

Once you’ve settled in be sure to take part in all of the action on campus. Below are a few events we thought you might like to participate in:

  • 6/27 at 5 pm Gator Too BBQ Dinner with your Family at Fresh Food Company
  • 6/27 at 7 pm Camp Night with IRHA at the North Lawn
  • 6/28 at 10:30 am Gator Too Brunch with your Family at Gator Corner
  • 6/28 at 8 pm Laser Tag with IRHA at the Weaver Beach
  • 6/29 at 4 pm Shaving Cream Fight with IRHA at the Yulee Pit
  • 7/1 at 7 pm Classic College Movie Night with IRHA at the Reitz Grass Steps
  • 7/10 at 7 pm Battle of The Halls at Broward Recreation Center