What is it?

Ship to Swamp allows you to mail up to 4 boxes to campus prior to your arrival. Your shipped items will be delivered to campus and then sent directly to your residence hall room! Super convenient and easy!

Here is how Ship to Swamp works:

  • Log in with your UF Credentials and complete our survey with all your details.
  • We email you instructions on packing, shipping, and provide box labels.
  • Pack your items, label your box, and Ship to Swamp!

We take on the heavy lifting and delivery once it arrives to campus. Our team will notify you once items arrive and make it to your residence hall room. We hope you take advantage of this service and it lightens your move in load. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at shiptoswamp@ufsa.ufl.edu


Helpful Packing Tips & Guidelines

Do not pack your UFID In your boxes. Always keep it on you.

Do Not pack items you need immediately, such as medicine or other necessities.

Do Not ship liquids like laundry detergent, water, etc.

Due to limited storage space, students participating in this program should limit the number of boxes shipped to campus to a maximum of 4.

Boxes should be 20”x20”x20” or smaller and not weigh over 45lbs. This size is most manageable and is less likely to arrive damaged.

Suggestions for avoiding damage of your items while shipping:

  • Use heavy duty boxes designed for shipping. Do not ship in moving or storage boxes.
  • If possible, ship any fragile or breakable items in the original packaging. If unavailable, double-wrap items in bubble wrap and provide extra padding.
  • Make sure all boxes are packed tightly. Materials should not shake or move inside boxes. Items may be stacked while being shipped or when they arrive on campus. This may result in items being damaged if not packed properly
  • Make sure all boxes are taped with packing tape. Do not use duct tape, masking tape, or painter’s tape, etc. They are weaker than packing tape and may open during shipping.
  • Purchase insurance for the packages, as appropriate and desired.

Download your packing labels here: Labels Fillable PDF Form


How to Ship Instructions

  • Securely label three sides of each box with the provided campus delivery labels. These are fillable PDFs for your convenience. Any packages received without these labels will not be considered a part of the Ship to Swamp program and will not be delivered to rooms.
  • The provided labels are not prepaid labels. They are address labels for use when the package arrives on campus to ensure they arrive at the correct room.
  • You will be responsible for shipping charges with the carrier. 
  • You will not be charged an additional fee for this service. 
  • No other labels (previous shipping, programs, or years) should be used or visible on your packages. 
  • Use the included shipping times guide to ensure you items arrive in your room in a timely manner.  
  • Keep your shipment tracking numbers and bring them to campus! Your tracking numbers will be required if any problems arise. 
  • Packages MUST arrive between August 3rd and August 19th. Packages arriving outside of this window may not be placed into room.

Ship to Swamp FAQs

As part of our new safety protocol for Fall 2020, we encourage all students to take advantage of the Ship to Swamp program to reduce your move-in times when you arrive on campus. To reduce campus density on move-in day, students should plan to limit the number of belongings you bring to campus this year. Please pay close attention to these instructions.

Please log in to HMS to locate your campus address. It will be on your HMS home screen. This address will be consistent throughout they year so make sure to write it down!
You may begin shipping your belongings in late July, but the most important thing to know is that your items cannot arrive at UF before Monday, August 3rd. The ideal time to have your packages arrive is between August 3rd and August 19th. Items arriving in this window will be delivered to your rooms as they come.
Yes, you will receive an email notification when items are delivered to your room. You may receive multiple emails as items are delivered. This means we did not receive all your items at once, or it took multiple trips to place them in your room.
UF Mail Services will sign on behalf of all campus students for all packages from all couriers that require signature delivery.
The UF Bookstore located in the Reitz Union has a selection of items to outfit residence hall rooms.
We have several retailers near campus that make picking up last minute items a breeze.
Ship all your items to arrive between August 3rd and August 19th. Items will be pre-delivered to your room.
When packages arrive on campus, they will be checked into our package system and then moved to your room. Packages will be placed on your bed, and you will receive a picture of their location via your preferred email.
If your boxes are not labeled with the Campus Delivery Label’s, then they will be logged as a package for you and will be held at the area desk. The items will NOT be delivered to your room.
That’s ok. We will still accept the package, and we will hold it for you at the front desk.